Minutes of Meeting with Barnham Signal Box Trust - 20th December 2011

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Meeting  20th December 2011

Those present:

Aldingbourne Community Sports Centre (ACSC)   Jon Leahy (JL), Dennis Leonard (DL)

Barnham Signal Box Trust (BSBT) Dave Ives (DI), John Penfold (JP)


Also present:

Mike Burton (MB) – Declared Interest


The meeting was called to discuss the future arrangement regarding the Signal Box and its interaction with the ACSC.


It was agreed that this was an ‘exploratory’ meeting; no decisions would be agreed. The outcome of the meeting, together with any proposals, would be referred back to both sets of Trustees for further discussion and agreement if possible.


The results of the meeting are to be produced at the next meeting of each set of Trustees were as follows:


Those attending the meeting would propose to their organizations that the two groups, ACSC and BSBT should remain as far as possible separate entities.


The ACSC would charge the BSBT a ‘Peppercorn’ rent for the land occupied by the Signal Box. (This has already been agreed by the Trustees of the ACSC)

An agreement to this effect is to be drawn-up at the first convenient moment.


The BSBT would, in perpetuity, continue to be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Signal Box .

The BSBT should propose and agree a ‘Governing Document’. (It was thought that the ‘Trustees’ of this body should be drawn from the BSBT and the BRMRC with a minimum number of 4 Officers)

Renting of the building would be between the BSBT and Bognor Regis Model Railway Club (BRMRC). The cost of which would be used by the BSBT to insure the structure and to pay for maintenance and upkeep.

The BSBT/ BRMRC would jointly take charge of additional hiring of the building.


MB      To draft a ‘Governing Document’ for the BSBT

JL        To Draft a Rental Agreement between the ACSC and the BSBT (Peppercorn Rent).

MB      To draft a Rental Agreement between the BSBT and the BRMRC.

MB to approach the PC for approval of the steps to be taken by the BSBT and the ACSC.



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