Project Lead: Finance Subcommittee

This project is to resolve the current issues relating to storing the banquet tables and chairs. The current proposal is to install racking in the back stage storage area and on the stage itself, move the cleaners cupboard to the back stage toilet, removing the toilet but retaining the wash basin, move the CCTV system in to the electric cupboard, kit the cleaners cupboard out as a new office, and finally knock through from the hall to the current office to make it an attached storage room for the furniture.
Planning: Specification proposed. Discussed with 3 of 3 vendors.
100% complete.
Quotes: Quotes received from 3 of 3 vendors.
100% complete.
Project Approval: Create formal proposal for Trustees approval.
100% complete.
Grant Applications: None available.
0% complete.
Funding Approval: Request formal Trustees approval to proceed. Racking installed.
100% complete.
Installation: Installation progress. Still need to purchase table trolley.
90% complete.
Completed: Completed or cancelled.
95% complete.