Snag Reported Status Comments Resolved
Ladies toilet seat needs replacing. Seat tightened. Feb-2017 Assigned Problem is with fixings, not seat. Will try again with new fixings.
Hall strip lights out. Feb-2017 Unassigned
New kitchen extractor fan required (hole in external wall). Feb-2017 Unassigned
Cooker does not have a hood. Feb-2017 Unassigned
Cooker requires a splash-back or rear vent. Feb-2017 Unassigned
User Group sign cleaning and letter repair. Feb-2017 Assigned Price of letter prints confirmed. Waiting for new centre phone number.
Front Door Camera. Feb-2017 Resolved New higher definition camera ordered. 27/07/2017
New data connection for Social Club. Apr-2017 Resolved Data cable run with support from Club committee. 27/07/2017