Minutes of the Trustees Meeting - Sunday 12th June 2011

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Minutes of the Trustees Meeting

Sunday 12th June 2011



Those Present



Alan Johnson (AJ), Mike Burton (MB), Philip Pilcher (PP), and Dennis Lennard (DL), Linda Fromant (LF)

Tom Tappenden (TT)  and Chris Blows (CB)

Meeting started at 18:34pm




1        APOLOGIES  Jon Leahy (JL) Jon Vinsome (JV) Bill Warwick (BW),




Roger Ayling, the Chairman of the Aldingbourne & District Target Shooting Club, outlined a proposal to extend the rifle range to include a 10m air gun range. This was in addition to the recently proposed extension to create toilet facilities. Roger produced a 3 part drawing showing the range in its present form, with the addition of the toilets and finally with the proposed new range. He explained that the club would be able to afford to carry out all the proposed building works as one project. There was an increasing demand for the use of the current range which could only be alleviated by building the new airgun range. He was seeking approval in principle.

AJ raised the matter of electrical cables in the area

DL asked if the range could be sited to the west of the existing range. He was concerned about the close proximity of a new building to the existing major football pitch.

Various options were discussed. It was decided DL and MB would measure the area. MB would inform all Trustees of the result and if the propsed new build would affect the football pitch



ACTION POINT  MB/DL to measure the distances involved and e-mail everyone.

ACTION POINT  MB to place on next agenda


2        MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE. 8th May 2011


The minutes were accepted as correct. Proposed DL, seconded AJ.

















3 Matters arising from the Minutes of 6th March 2011


17 AOB

DL stated the installation of the air bricks in the changing rooms was still ongoing


ACTION POINT DL to update the Trustees at the next meeting regarding any progress in this




It was unknown if JL had contacted Defensor regarding the maintenance charge

ACTION POINT JL to update the Trustees over contact with Defensor Ref maintenance costs

c)     to contact Defensor regarding the maintenance charge


ACTION POINT JL to contact Defensor regarding the maintenance charge


d)    MB stated the YOTs had not turned up and the newly acquired litter bins had been

placed around the field


4     Correspondence


Item 106 Letter to ASC re Trustees position MB confirmed JL had written to the  ASC



13         Correspondence ITEM 95 BRMRC


MB stated he had contacted Richard of the BRMRC and no further meetings were required for the present

PP informed the Trustees that the Model Railways Club had now seen the ‘porta cabin’ they had been offered and were of a mind to take up the offer subject to a meeting of their committee. He advised the Trustees that the BRMRC might therefore be forwarding proposals and plans regarding the siting of this building in the newly created compound next to the Signal Box.

AJ advised that the Club should contact the Planning Dept to confirm if planning permission was required and that they would also require the authority not only of the ACSC but also of the Parish Council

CB offered to place he proposal on the PC’s next Agenda.


15         Closure-Financial Considerations


MB stated he was aware that JL had written to the ASC regarding compensation over the recent closure for electrical works.





Deferred to next meeting




No public in attendance







            Deferred to next meeting




            Deferred to next meeting




MB informed the meeting he had applied for two grants this month to cover the additional cost of erecting bollards by the exit door to the new extension £175 from the PC and £200 from JDAC

He thanked AJ as the only other Trustee to attend to help with cleaning on the 28th May.

MB stated he had been in attendance almost every day in the last month overseeing both the electrical work and building work

In addition he had dealt with 8 booking enquiries.

MB confirmed to LF that the electrical work had rectified the previous electrical problems.


LF thanked MB for all the time and work he had put in.




            CB  present a written summary of the points covered at the last PC meeting


MB stated whilst he was very grateful for the PC in ‘bank-rolling’ the ACSC on the second stage payment for the extension whilst the agreed loan materialised he was somewhat dismayed with their deferment of the request for a grant of a mere £175 towards the cost of providing bollards in connection with the new extension. It made the task of obtaining loans that much more difficult if the Charity’s prime source declined to make a grant. The PC by the very fact that they are the Landlords/owners of the building would always be the first port of call for financial help.

CB reported that there had been some reluctance to approve such a grant as it was felt that the ACSC should have this amount in their own accounts

MB asked CB if he would remind the PC that the centre was the Parish’s building, not the ACSC’s. The mandate of the ACSC was to maintain the current fabric of the building and provide facilities for the public. Whilst the ACSC were quite happy to raise money and had done so with considerable success over the last five years, new builds, extension etc it was felt that it was not unreasonable to expect the Parish Council to provide some financial support to these projects to improve the building.


DL added that every other Parish Council provided much more towards the upkeep of their village halls than Aldingbourne.


CB stated he had proposed to the PC that they introduce a Dog Waste Monitor, a part-time post, to clean up the field before sporting events or use of the field. There followed a general discussion on what measures could be used to deter the increasing problem of dog waste on the fields.

Whilst there was a ground swell of opinion to ban dogs from the playing fields it was felt at present this was not an enforceable action

MB asked CB if he would raise with the PC the possibility of dogs being kept on a lead whilst in Olivers Meadow. This was seen as a sensible first step in tackling this problem .


ACTION POINT CB to report back to the Trustees regarding this matter and the PC’s views.







            Caravan Club booking 14-17th July 2011.


MB informed those present that within the correspondence were a number of e-mails from the Secretary of the West Sussex Caravan Club regarding cancellation of the hall booking and the use of a small marquee. MB explained that the CC had intended to hold a function using the hall but with less than a month to go they had received only a small number of confirmations from caravan owners. As a result they wished to cancel the hall booking but asked if they could hold a small function in a marquee on the field. This was agreed proving that the noise was contained and there was no sale of alcohol.


24/July/2022  Bognor Regis Cycle Club 5am until 11am  AJ to cover


ACTION POINT MB to inform WS Caravan Club




            MB stated this was being dealt with by JL




            MB stated all was going to plan and work should be completed within the next two to three weeks




MB asked if everyone was willing to stand again after the AGM

DL asked what elected posts needed to be filled

MB replied that at the moment only the elected post held by Helen needed to be filled., but that some ‘new blood’ was urgently needed, however someone was urgently required to fill the role of Booking Clerk which historically had been managed by the ASC representative. MB stated that in his Chairman’s Report last month JL had suggested the Booking Clerk post might provide the opportunity for a part-time paid job. He had also suggested that the number of meetings be reduce to four a year.

DL raised the possibility of recruiting more representative trustees from the other clubs


ACTION POINT MB to write to all clubs regarding providing a Representative Trustee




17th July 6:30pm


17        AOB


            i)          LF enquired if the electrics were now all OK.

MB replied that there did not seem to be any further problems


ii)         TT asked if there could be a coordinated approach to any future ‘open Day’ type event

MB replied that JL whilst proposing a reduction in the number of meetings had spoken about creating sub-committees. E suggested . As the clubs benefitted from the Open Day eventst the club representatives should form this sub committee

LF stated she would look up her notes from the previous ‘Event’


iii)        LF/PP suggested that if possible the Rifle Club project and the move by the Railway Club could be coordinated as this might bring benefits to both.


Meeting ended 19:57hrs

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