Minutes of Trustees Meeting 5th November 2018

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Messrs J Leahy (JL), D Ives (DI) S Kennedy (SK), N Pidgely (NP), M Warden (MWa). D Leonard (DL)
Members of the public present. There were two members of the public present Mrs K Turner (KT), Vice Chairman for Aldingbourne Parish Council, and R Marsden (RM), Project Manager and Facilitator APC.
Before the meeting commenced Chairman reminded all present of the sad passing of W (Bill) Warwick who had been involved with the Community Centre since its inception.
DL was able to report that he had spoken with Bill Collins who was a member of the Men’s Snooker Club. They were not sure if they were going to carry on in that they had very few members.
Received from A Taylor (AT), A Smallman (AS), M Woodcock (MW)

The minutes of the meeting of Oct 1st 2018 were accepted and signed following a correction to Oct 1st following one amendment:
i) Minute g in that the user group signage has yet to be completed.

Matters Arising
P.A.T testing: JL has provisionally arranged for the tests to be carried out on Saturday Nov 17th subject to availability of the test equipment. Action Point: JL
Car Park Repairs: On Going. Action Point: SK/AS
Treasurer: Post remained unfilled.
Public WiFi: Completed.
Solicitor: At present we do not have a solicitor from which we can seek advice on necessary matters.
Fire Extinguishers: Inspection completed.
ASC Representative: At present no representative has been appointed. Club to be reminded. Action Point: AS
BRMRC: There is a strong possibility that referees changing room in the shed will be more regularly used. BRMRC have concerns over insurance status of any equipment that may or could be damaged. DL stated that Barnham Trojans do have public liability Insurance to £10m but was not sure if this covered the use of this changing room. Action Point: DL and DI to check with their respective Insurance Companies.

Public Session
KT for the Parish Council reported further on the Community Centre re- development and noted that the Chairman of the Parish Council (Martin Beaton) has reported that it may not be possible for all three highlighted local Community Centres, Barnham CC, Eastergate VH and ACSC could now not work together as Barnham CC is now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.
RM also noted that the Eastergate VH manager was currently operating at full capacity and would find it difficult to take on the role of Centre Manager for the ACSC. An advert for the post was ready for posting.
KT, RM and MWa then highlighted the possible advantages that could be met if the ACSC also considered changing to a C.I.O. Both JL and DL commented that Louise Beaton had previously also felt that ACSC could benefit from changing to a C.I.O. It would basically mean that a Management Committee from interested Aldingbourne and District residents would run and manage the community centre under the new auspices of a C.I.O.
After due deliberation the Trustees present unanimously agreed to recommend to the full Trustees and groups that ACSC go down the route of becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. It was also agreed that K Turner, R Marsden and Louise Beaton be asked to attend a special meeting of all Trustees, groups and clubs, APC. Date to be arranged. Action Point: JL

Chairman’s Report
Nothing further to report.

Secretary’s Report
Fire blanket to be purchased for the kitchen. He would also check the smoke alarms. Action Point: AS

Treasurers Report
J Sopp notified Trustees that the finances were a follows
Current Account £ 4478.54
Reserve Account £10,000.00
Working Capital £11,000.00

Parish Council Report
Nothing further to report.

Maintenance Report
New lights had been fitted in the main hall.
SK had checked the mains water meter at a time when there were no persons present in the centre. He was happy to report that it did not register any movement whilst checking.
Snag List. A number of items remain outstanding
Fire Inspection/ Fire Safety Report. MWa raised the item as a matter of safety concern. He noted that there appeared to be a lack of necessary information being supplied to hirers and visitors to the centre. There was no visible or posted fire evacuation plan visible in the centre.
It was agreed that a full Fire Safety Check and Safety audit of the centre and outbuildings was necessary. MWa to contact the WS Fire and Rescue Services to arrange with immediate effect. Action Point: MWa

Nov 10th 11:00-18:00 – Private hire: DL to open centre
Nov 18th 09:30-18:00 – Private hire: JL to open centre
Nov 24th 19:00-00:00 – Michael Jackson Tribute: Social Club to cover
JL reported that there were no other listed Saturday bookings in the centre for November or December at present.

Date of Next Meeting
Monday Dec 3rd 7.15pm. Small meeting room.

Any Other Business
Nothing reported.

Meeting closed at 8.30pm

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