Minutes of Trustees Meeting 4th April 2016

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Registered Charity No. 276055

Minutes of the Trustees meeting held on Monday April 4th 2016.

Present: J Leahy (Chairman),  D Ives (DI), A Smallman (AS), M Woodcock (MW), S Kennedy (SK)

N Pidgeley (NP), H Hedges (HH), D Meakins (DM, D Leonard (DL)

One member of the Public present. Mrs T Smallman

  1. Apologies: Received T Chown, R Cornell, W Warwick, R Driver, D Freeman

  1. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of  7th March were accepted and signed by the Chairman

  1. Matters Arising: Min 48. Mrs R Cornell: Chairman has made a number of attempts to contact RC re attendances, to no avail
Minute 38 (i) Gas Boilers:  Engineer has rectified the system and boilers now working correctly

Minute 38 (ii) Defibrulator:  PC is asking for contributions to cost of the required storage Box but have to  inform Trustees of actual cost of same although this is estimated to be around £600.00.  On Going

Minute 38 (iii) “Street” lights around Signal Box. Further investigation as to costs is on going. M Burton is leading the investigations.

Minute 57 
  1. b) Fencing of waste bin area Ongoing (HH)
  2. c) Correction of Sussex Modellers to Aldingbourne Modellers Completed
  3. d) Parish Magazine ASCS contacts. Ongoing (JL)
  4. e) Electricity meter reading for Bowls Club carried out. Completed
  5. f) Solar panels (BRMRC Shed) Ongoing (JL)
  6. g) Hall Floor cleaning Ongoing (HH)
  7. h) Cooker cleaning Ongoing (HH)
  8. j) New kitchen Fridge. Purchase of new Ongoing  (HH)
  9. k) Tennis Club extension Ongoing (MW)
Parish Council has turned down proposal for the proposed extension  however MW to attend PC mtg April 5th to further discuss situation.
  1. m) Refer 47a) Signal Box blinds Ongoing (DI)
  2. n) Photocopiers Ongoing  (JL)
  3. o) Car park Lighting. Bulb replacement Ongoing  (AS, JL, SK)    
  4. p) Stage Floor. Ongoing   (HH)
  5. q) Fibre Broadband. Ongoing  (JL)
  6. r) First Aid Kit for kitchen Ongoing  (JL)

  1. Correspondence. 62/16 AS Confirmed he had received approval of extension to grant expenditure deadline.
63/16      Lease correspondence from  J Dawson (refer to Chairman’s report)

64/16     Access Cards. Replacement cards have been received following failure of a number received.

65/16     PC/JL Parish Clerk requiring ACSC to supply two further quotes before agreeing to contribute to cost of ACSC Book keeper/Treasurer. The ACSC does have two further quotes to hand and these will be forwarded as requested.

66 and 67/16        Further Lease correspondence from BRMRC and PC/ACSC   


68/16     Letter and emails from PC re BRMRC Lease. PC instructing all parties that there should be no further delay or obstruction to the signing of the League and suggesting a deadline date for signing be April 30th.  Should this deadline be missed for any reason the PC will start action barring  BRMRC from occupying the premises  with no lease in place. 

It was noted that the item was on the PC agenda for meeting of April 5th.

  1.  Chairman’s Report; Nothing to report

63  Secretary’s Report:  There appears to have been a leakage of “foul” water around the drain cover on the bottom corner of the sports field near the edge of the football pitch. SK confirmed this.  This is part of the foul water drainage system running down the side of the pitch and then diagonally across the field and then behind the shed.   Further investigation required.                                              Action Point.    AS/SK

64:  PC Report. With no representative present there was nothing to hand

  1. Bookings. HH reported that numerous enquiries are being received.  Tuesdays are now fully booked with the Ukulele Club taking the three available Tuesdays in the month.

66  Date of next meeting: Monday 25th April; Venue to be determined but likely to be the BRMRC Club Room in the Signal Box. It is hoped that the ACSC, BRMRC and PC lease agreement  will be signed at this meeting.

  1. Any Other Business. a) HH reported that the curtain Poles are being fitted.
  2. b) AS informed the Trustees that he was not being included in correspondence from the PC on a number of matters that he, as ACSC Secretary, should be notified of and contacted over. JL agreed to inform the PC of the situation and instead of contacting him (JL) should in future deal directly with the appointed ACSC Secretary.
  3. c) Sports field /Recreation ground maintenance. DL reported that he considered that it was time the ACSC Trustees spent money on the maintenance of the field itself. The top end of the recreation ground is in a poor condition and regularly floods. There has been no maintenance on the field itself for a number of years and whilst Barnham Trojans FC were responsible for the repairs to the football pitches they were not responsible for overall maintenance of the field.  SK confirmed the situation. 
It was agreed to set up a small working group to assess the required maintenance and report back

Working Group. DL/SK/JL. DL requested that Mark Blackman who maintains the football pitches be invited to join the group. Agreed.

Mtg Closed at 8.30pm.      

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