Minutes of Trustees Meeting 27th July 2015

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Minutes of the Trustees Meeting held on Monday July 27th 2015

Present: Messrs D Ives (DI),  A Smallman (AS), D Leonard (DL), S Kennedy (SK), W Warwick (BW),  D Meakins (DM), N Pidgley (NP), J Leahy (JL), H hedges (HH), T Chown (TC), D Freeman (DF), C Wright (CW) Mrs R Cornell (RC)

Public Mr A Johnson. Mrs P Smallman.

01) Apologies. Received from R Driver (RD)

02) Election of Officers
  1. a) Chairman of Trustees. There were initially 2 nominations. J Leahy and H Hedges
J Leahy was nominated by DL, 2nd BW. Mr Hedges withdrew his nomination.

Mr J Leahy was elected unanimously.
  1. b) Deputy Chairman. Mr D Ives was nominated by TC and 2nd Elected unanimously
  2. c) Secretary: Mr A Smallman was nominated by BW, 2nd Elected unanimously
  3. d) Treasurer. The were no nominations or volunteers for the office of Treasurer.
It was agreed to advertise the post on the Community Centre  website, through Arun DC  and the Parish magazine.

In the meantime AS confirmed that cheques and payments due to the ACSC be sent to him for payment into the bank.

  1. e) Booking Secretary: H Hedges. Nominated by JL, 2nd Elected unanimously
  2. f) Minute Secretary: D L agreed to carry on in this role
03) Sub Committees:
  1. a) Finance and Business Plans: JL, DI, R D, TC, AS. Treasurer when appointed
  2. b) Maintenance: AS, DI, HH, DL
  3. c) Marketing and Fund Raising HH, RC, DI
  4. d) Data Protection, Privacy and Children and Vulnerable Adults; JL, DL AS, TC.
    Sub Committee set up to investigate ACSC liability and introduction of required safeguards.   

04) Date of next meeting: Monday September 21st. 7.30pm.

Mtg Closed at 8.45pm

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