Minutes of Trustees Meeting 25th July 2018

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Minutes of the Trustees Meeting held on 25th July 2018
Present: Messrs J Leahy (JL), D Ives (DI), J Sopp (JS), A Smallman (AS), M Woodcock (MW), S Kennedy (SK), N Pidgley (NP), A Taylor (AT), R Driver (RD) , M Warden (MWa), M Gray (MG), D Leonard (DL)
Apologies: Received from  S Waller. W Warwick, D Freeman
Chairman: J Leahy indicated that he was prepared to continue in post for a further year. Proposed by SK, 2nd DI, J Leahy was duly elected as Chairman of Trustees for 2018-2019.
Deputy Chairman: There were 2 nominations:
 - M Warden proposed by JL seconded JS
 - D Ives  proposed AS seconded SK
On a show of hands D Ives was elected Deputy Chairman for year 2018-2019.
Secretary: A Smallman was proposed and seconded as Secretary. Elected.
Treasurer: Mrs J Sopp was proposed and Seconded as Treasurer. Elected.
Booking Secretary: Deferred until next ACSC Trustees meeting. In the meantime Mrs J Sopp agreed to continue in post.
Sub Committees
 - Finance & Business: JL, JS, AS, AT, DL
 - Maintenance: SK, AS, DI, MW, NP, RD
 - Marketing /Fundraising: MWa, NP, DF
 - Data Protection: JL
 - Fire Protection: As Maintenance
 - Children and Vunerable Persons Protection:	AT, DL
NB. It was proposed that at least one member of the Maintenance Sub Committee attend a full First Aid course. TBD.
Monday. Wednesday August 29th 7.00 pm. To meet in the small committee room.
a) Honoraria/out of pocket expenses. Payment to ACSC Charity Trustees. Proposed by MWa and seconded by JL the proposal that a sum of £1000.00 be allocated to JS in recognition of the hours and work involved and carried out over the past yea,r was placed before the Trustees present. The vote was carried in favour with one abstention. The final decision was held over to Aug 29th meeting pending full enquiries by JL and MWa into the status of the ACSC Constitution and the Charity Commission site, on the viability and charitable legality of such payments. 
b) Aldingbourne Shooting Club: Dog walker and dog control incident leading to alleged verbal abuse. The matter was originally reported to the APC who forwarded to ACSC to resolve. JL read out the complaint letter and his reply to the correspondent. 
c) Hopscotch: Last payment received from Hopscotch was May. Currently in debt to ACSC for £1200.00.   
Trustees pointed out that we had been in discussion with the organisation over a lengthy period of time and despite requests for meeting/payment plans nothing had been satisfactorily resolved or settled.
It was proposed that a final letter be forwarded to the owner and manager outlining the current situation re contact, meetings and payment terms. The Treasurer will update the accounts and a meeting date to be set 14 days from posting date of letter at which the owner and or manager or a Hopscotch representative will be required to be in attendance. It was further proposed that failure to respond or attend will trigger a notice to quit the ACSC premises. 
d) MWa. Re the listing of groups within the ACSC Constitution a number of which no longer exist or use the premises. Other current user groups are not listed. Chairman pointed out that the listing is not conclusive and the Constitution does not need to be changed or amended in this instance. 
e) Solar Panels: AT highlighted the length of time (3 years) that this item still had not been resolved. There was a large amount of money sitting somewhere (SSE?) that belonged to the ACSC and which we could and should be using to further benefit the Centre. JL and DI are in contact with SSE and are waiting for a meeting date to be set.
f) Car Park lining: AS waiting for confirmation date for the work to be carried out (Wednesday July 1st). 
g) AT raised the problem of speeding cars on entry to the car park. DL agreed to send notice to the Barnham Trojans asking them to take notice of the speed limits although it was noted that they were not the only club at fault.
There being no further business the meting closed at 8.30pm.

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