Minutes of Trustees Meeting 25th July 2016

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Registered Charity No. 276055

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting held on Monday July 25th, 2016


Present: Messrs J Leahy (JL), D Ives (DI), D Meakins (DM). M Woodcock (MW), D Freeman (DF),

S Kennedy (SK), N Pidgely (NP), H Hedges (HH), S Waller (SW), A Taylor (AT). P Pilcher (PP)

D Leonard (DL)

Members of the public present. There were two members of the public present.  

  • Apologies: Received from T Chown,

  • Election of Officers 
Chairman: J Leahy having been nominated by DL and seconded by DI was unanimously elected as Chairman for year 2016-2017

Deputy Chairman: D Ives having been nominated by JL and seconded by SK was duly elected as Deputy for year 2016-2017

Secretary: There were no initial nominations for the position as Secretary. D Leonard volunteered to fill the position on a temporary basis until such time as a permanent secretary could be found. Proposed JL, seconded AT. Duly elected.

Treasurer: There being no volunteers the position remains vacant

Booking Secretary. As per the constitution H Hedges was co-opted as a Trustee and agreed to continue as Booking Secretary. Agreed unanimously.

Book Keeper. As per the constitution Mrs C Betsworth was co-opted as Book Keeper and in her absence had agreed to continue in the post.

03).  Sub Committees.  

The following working groups were proposed:

Finance and Business:          JL, AT, DL

Maintenance:                          HH, DI, SK, MW

Marketing/Fund Raising      JL, NP, DF, AT

Data Protection                       JL

Fire Protection Office           TBA

Child Protection.                     DL, SW.

Any Other Business:  Rubbish Bins: BRMRC agreed to take responsibility for the emptying of the bin at the corner of the entrance to the sports field. DL (BT) to continue emptying the football pitch bins. DF/HH already empty the remaining bins and will continue to so do. MW offered his help when required and it was agreed that any Trustee noting full bins should take responsibility to empty same.


AOB (Cont’d)  JL asked that his thanks to Alan Smallman be minuted for his enormous help and responsibility in his role as Secretary over the past number of years,   

         A Taylor reported that their previous club house (garage) had been cleared and was to be handed over to Barnham Trojans as of August 1st.

         It was also confirmed that members of the club will take on the responsibility to repair the damaged benches outside the ASC.

Date of Next Meeting;  Monday 22nd August 2016. 7.30 pm at ACSC.

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