Minutes of Trustees Meeting 25th April 2016

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Registered Charity No. 276055

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting held on Monday 25th April 2016.

Present:  Chairman  J Leahy (JL.) A Smallman (AS),  D Freeman (DF), D Meakins (DM)

HJ Hedges (HH), N Pidgeley (NP), S Kennedy (SK), W Warwick )BW), M Woodcock (MW),

D Leonard (DL)

68   Apologies:    Received from T Chown, D Ives, R Driver, R Cornell.

  1. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on April 4th were accepted and signed by the Chairman.

  1. Matters Arising: R Cornell.  JL reported that family circumstances are preventing her from attending meetings at present.
Minute 60b  Fencing of waste bins. HH suggested that combination locks be fitted to the bins as he is aware that non ACSC members have keys to unlock the bins in order to dispose of their rubbish. On going.

Minute 60c. Aldingbourne Modelers (completed)

Minute 60k. Tennis Club. MW reported that having addressed the Parish Council  regarding the clubs proposed extension proposals these plans have now been accepted.        

60g. Hall Floor; HH announced that it was intended to clean and refurbish the hall floor in the next 14 days.

60n. Photocopiers: Xerox model to be dismantled and disposed of. The HP model is repairable at a cost of £2000.00. JL reported that the Parish Council have indicated an interest in the unit. On going. 

All other minuted items remain on going.

  1.  Correspondence: BRMRC to ACSC re lease. Originally due to be signed by all parties this date, April 25th but it transpires that the required 14 days notice of intent has not be circulated. PC and BRMRC to be given formal notice of intent to sign be given  for either May 17th or 24th. JL to contact Parish Council and Bognor Regis Model Railway Club.
ACSC Book Keeper: Parish Council have agreed to pay 50% of total monthly cost of £150.00. 

Caroline  Betsworth has confirmed her agreement to take on the role and has received information as required from Mrs P Smallman. 

The Trustees were unanimous in their acceptance of Ms Betsworth in the role.   
  1.  Raised query as to why the Tennis Club have not been invoiced for the past 12-18 months. . MW did report that the club have paid fees as required without invoices being received. 
Judo Club: Team Brown owe a considerable amount in hire fees. AS to action required invoice. 


72:  Chairman’s Report. Emails are still being sent to JL notably by the PC Clerk rather than being sent to Secretary A Smallman.  Action point JL


73:  Secretary’s Report. Nothing to report


74:  Parish Council Report. In the absence of TC the chairman reminded all that the Annual Parish Assembly is scheduled be held on Tuesday May 17th. 


75: Date of next meeting:  Monday June 13th. 7.30pm




76: Bookings; HH reported a steady list of enquiries.


77: Any Other Business:  a) SK. Invoice for grass cutting remains outstanding: AS to action

AS also noted that an overdue payment to Southern Electric was due to be paid. 
  1. b) Question raised again on the situation re the Westergate Recreation Ground fund which should cover a large proportion of the grass cutting invoices. JL to arrange finance meeting with PC asap 
c: DM Bowls Club still waiting for electricity invoice. AS to action
  1. d) HH: Stage floor still needs cleaning and area cleared of equipment. There are a number of events in the near future that require use of the stage. HH/AS to action
  2. e) DF requested that the working party dealing with ground maintenance also consider the problem of field clearance of rubbish. 

Meeting closed at 8.35pm

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