Minutes of Trustees Meeting 22nd August 2016

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Registered Charity No. 276055

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting held on Monday August 22nd


Present: Messrs J Leahy (JL), D Ives (DI), D Meakins (DM). M Woodcock (MW), D Freeman (DF),

S Kennedy (SK), N Pidgely (NP), A Taylor (AT). P Pilcher (PP), W Warwick (BW)

D Leonard (DL)

Mrs C Betsworth (ACSC Book keeper) was also in attendance

Members of the public present. There were two members of the public present.  

Meeting opened at 19.35

  1.  Apologies: Received from T Chown, H Hedges, R Driver

  1. Minutes: a) The minutes of the meeting held on July 11th were proposed, seconded and accepted and signed by the Chairman.
  2. b) The minutes of the meeting held on July 25th were proposed, seconded and accepted and signed by the Chairman

  1. Maters Arising: July 11th. Minute 90. Because of work commitments the Chairman had to postpone the scheduled Finance meeting with the APC. New date to be arranged.
Minute 92. The cleaning and refurbishment of the main hall floor is due to start on Aug 23rd.

Minute 97. JL reported that the PAT Electrical testing is in hand. DL to check with HH re other statutory licences.
  1. Drones. JL to further investigate
There were no matters arising from the Minutes of July 25th

  1. Public Session. Mr Alan Smallman raised a number of questions on his situation when stepping down as Secretary to ACSC at the AGM. Questions and comments were made relating the possible legal action being instigated between the BRMRC and Mr and Mrs Smallman with particular reference to Mr D Ives (Vice chair) and his position in the BRMRC.
The Chairman answered the questions and gave the reasoning and situation the ACSC may have found itself in with Mr Smallman remaining in post as Secretary to the ACSC under the above possible litigation situation.

JL stated that there was a possibility that a mediation service be called to attempt to resolve the

situation, however Mrs P Smallman stated that having taken legal advice, as there had been no notified “Cause of Action” no mediation service could be called in or justified.

It was noted that the Signal Box blinds had been closed since the 25th July there had been no cause for complaint.

  1. Chairman’s Report . Nothing to report

  1. Secretary’s Report: Correspondence.  01/17. Data Protection Act.  The ICO Certificate of
            Registration has been received (31 July) and will be displayed in the CC.

02/17 Email from A Taylor notifying ACSC of his preferred email address

0317   Request from Ms J Piper re use of CC main hall for Local Neighbourhood Plan referendum

            Polling Station on October 18th . JL stated that it had been agreed that the Snooker room

            would serve adequately for the display and siting of required personnel.

04/17 Notification from Charity Commissioners re ACSC yearly Account return.

05/17 Barnham Trojans re proposed football pitch fees for season 2016-2017. JL itemised the 

            proposals which had been increased by 5% over the previous season

            The proposal was placed before the Trustees and accepted unanimously

06/17.  M Kennedy. Invoices for field grass cutting 7/8th  and 22nd July. £369.00

07/17.  M Kennedy. Adjusted to incorrect grass cutting invoices plus invoice re extra strimming

             and cutting around CC.

08/15.  Southern Water. Notification of sale of non household retail business to “ Business


09/15  Barclays Bank Statement. DL requested definition of a number of payments, standing

             orders and direct debits  

10/17  SSE Overdue Electricity Invoice: DL itemised the situation. Contact between SSE and had

             been established with permanent SSE contact.

             The situation was ongoing and the Red Letter payment (£384.00) had been placed on

             hold by SSE   

             The matter was further complicated in that the situation re the Goods Shed Solar Panels

             and payment to the to the ACSC remains unresolved

             DL to contact M Burton re necessary letter of authority re ownership of Solar Panels and

             maintain contact with SSE Business Manager.  

11/17  Mrs T Smallman. Letter re AGM and other matters. JL stated that the letter be held over to next ACSC meeting.


              DL re Stage Floor fire proofing. It was confirmed that the underfloor staging was fireproofed and that the top layer flooring could be fireproofed with the correct paint.

                It was agreed that a small working party take care of the necessary work

                Action Point DL.

  1. Treasurer’s Report. Chairman informed meeting of the ACSC Account Balances as follows
                Community Account:                      £  9624.18

                Aldingbourne Community IS       £12525.14

                Aladingbourne Comm SPR IS       £  2012.35

                Payments to be made:                 

                M Kennedy. Grass Cutting           £    480.70             (June)

                M Kennedy. Grass Cutting           £    369.70             (July)

                M Kennedy. Grass Cutting           £      44.00

                Fire Risk (UK)                                     £      82.52             ( Fire Extinguishers)

                J Dawson (Solicitor)                         £ 2556.00             (BRMRC Lease)

                Action Rural Sussex                         £   225.00              (Overdue payment re L Beaton)

  1. APC Report. Nothing to Report
  1. 12. Bookings. In the absence of HH it was noted that the hall was being used on a regular basis most Saturdays and Sundays besides normal weekly user groups.

  1. Date of next meeting:  Monday 12th September . 7.30pm

14   Any other Business: a)  M W. The statutory planning notice regarding the new clubhouse was on display at the entrance of the sports field.
  1. b) CCTV. JL to liaise with Defensor and Tennis Club with reference to relocation of camera’s
               DL also noted that the camera hanging loose on the pole at the edge of the senior football pitch had in all probability been damaged beyond repair in the violet winds over the previous weekend.
  1. c) MW. The spoil from the ground works when the new Club house is sited, including some of the spoil from the current play area mound, needs to be disposed of.
SK stated that if the soil is suitable an amount of it could be used to fill and level the low spots at the top end of the sports field.  A decision would have to be made on disposal of the surplus.
  1. Thanked the trustees for the refurbishment carried out on the snooker table.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.35

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