Minutes of Trustees Meeting 17th October 2016

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Registered Charity No. 276055

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting held on Monday October 17th 2016.


Present: J Leahy (JL) D Ives (DI), D Leonard (DL), T Chown (TC), B Warwick (BW), M Woodcock (MW), D Freeman (DF), S Waller (SW), N Pidgley (NP), S Kennedy (SK), J Sopp (JS), H Hedges (HH)

D Meakins (DM), A Smallman (AS),

  1. Apologies: Received on behalf of A Taylor, C Betsworth.

  1. Minutes: With the additional note that the VAG copier (min 13/17) had been removed from the Snooker Room the minutes of the meeting held on Sept 12th were accepted and signed by the Chairman.

  1. Matters Arising. Min 11/17b. Stage Floor. The front edging of the stage floor to be repaired by BRMRC volunteer during Hopscotch half term. Th painting should be completed same week.

BIFFA. Despite Chairman renewing contracts for emptying large bins further renewal notices have been received. JL to contact Biffa

Trustees indemnity insurance. RSA Insurance Company, forms received by HH. To be actioned


Min 23.  CCTV update. Loose camera removed. Maintenance for system required. 3 quotes to be obtained. ACTION JL

Min 23 .Gas Boiler Service due. 2 radiators required repairing. Scheduled for Oct 8th @8am.  HH

  1. Public Session. There were no members of the public present
  2. Chairman’s Report. JL noted that a number of grant and community funding sites had been received from WSx Co Co. SITA funding was still available and Galaxy Chocolate had available  funding for up to £300,000 for distribution to suitable applicants
ACTION POINT: JL to investigate.

Wasp Nests: 2 separate nests had been reported to JL. Arun DC Pest Control Officers had dealt with both at a cost of £48.00 per.

  1. Secretary’s Report. 24/17 DL requested update on Solar Panel feed in tariff (termed as Microgeneration) as nothing had been heard from SSE since Sept 15th. ACTION POINT JL.
Compound. Goals Storage:  Ongoing problems with the storage of the large goals, the small mini soccer goals now being stored in BT garage.

Following discussion it was suggested that if suitable, a new fenced compound could possibly be erected around the former cricket pavilion concrete base. It was provisionally agreed cost could be met by BT/ACSC/BRMRC and perhaps after approach, by APC. It was felt that 3 quotes required. DL to  investigate and obtain quotes


SSE.  Meter readings from the main meter, bowls club meter and tennis club meter had been taken on  Oct 4th.  Aldingbourne Shooting Club have their own meter and are believed to be billed independently (SK to check)

BRTMRC are in a different situation with solar panel situation still to be resolved.

DL to read meters Nov 3rd/4th with a view to calculating usage for individual clubs.

Verbal complaint received over the broken glass that is found around front entrance.

ACTION: DL and HH to monitor.

Correspondence Received.

23/17 Bank Statements

25/17 ARUN DC re new payment methods and requirements for invoices.

26/17 Talk Talk invoice received. Noted paid by Direct Debit

27/17. M Kennedy Invoice for grass cutting August £361.00. Includes undercharges June/July

28/17. ACSC Buildings (and contents?) Annual Insurance renewed. HH

29/17. Correspondence re wasp’s nests

30/17 DL/JL re electricity readings On going

31/17 M Burton re planning application submitted for the erection of semaphore signal unit alongside the north side of the Signal Box. AS asked pertinent questions on height and noise levels. DI responded.  Trustees agreed to the planned action

32/17 DL/SSE ongoing investigation as to costs and renewal of SSE supply contract. Due for renewal Nov 30th. DL to contact all Trustees prior to renewal.

33/17 SSE monthly invoice. Standing Order payment

34/17 ARUN DC. Valuation Office Agency. Draft Rateable Value (ACSC £10,000). Further notification awaited from ADC.

35/17 Team Brown notifying ACSC of intention to cease training effective Oct 29th. DL to contact and ensure outstanding payments, £50.00 per month( or per week) are maintained. Amount outstanding to be calculated and if payments stop then consideration be given to further action.

Further to above JL to raise full contact list of all ACSC user groups and clubs. DL has contact details for all Trustees but not for Club/Group Secretary’s, Chairmen etc

36/17 Further renewal notices from Biffa. JL to investigate

37/17 Hopscotch. SW re the outside storage container. The sides are becoming detached and the internal flooring is becoming rotten and dangerous. TC suggested that grants from SITA may be suitable to purchase new unit and added that he would contact site manager at Lidsey for information. There are a number of possibly suitable units on site that have to be disposed of and he would pass contact details to DL.

38/17 Parish News. Annual subscription due for renewal at a cost of £420.00.  JL considered we may get better coverage from the Bersted in Focus and or APC quarterly newsletter.


32 Treasurers Report.   NTR

  1. Bookings HH . 7 of the next 8 Saturday evenings are fully booked
 Aldingbourne Primary School wish to hold their Annual Leaving Party possibly on a Saturday evening next year. It was agreed that this be dealt with as a free hire with suggestion of a donation toward after party cleaning. Prop JL, 2nd HH, unanimous agreement.

  1. Date of next meeting. Monday November 14th. JL reminded all that the Finance Committee are scheduled to hold a meeting with the APC as and when it can be arranged.
Following discussion and aware that the APC wanted to expand on just finance talks it was agreed that DL inform the PC Clerk that Nov 14th at 7pm would be a suitable time for a joint full meeting between ACSC and APC.

Nov 1st Parish Council confirmed the above arrangements.  DL to circulate details of proposed discussion points to all Trustees.

  1. Any Other Business a) HH One of the doubleglazed windows at the back of the main hall has “blown” and needs replacing. Action HH& DI
  2. b) P.A.T. electrical components safety checks and testing. JL to arrange
  3. c) HH asked that the trustees consider the agreed payment towards the enhanced smoking area outside the ASC. Payment which had been agreed but deferred as this was just prior to the AGM in July and it was felt that the newly elected Trustees and Club Representatives should confirm ACSC contribution. JL suggested that this decision be held over until the meeting with the APC.
Action. JL, point for discussion with APC
  1. d) DL asked if the idea of a Fitness Path around the outskirts of the sports field could be resurrected. It was felt it was a suitable idea for application for grants.
ACTION: DL to approach Barnham CC for assistance as they had laid out a similar “path”       
  1. e) Field Maintenance. DL expressed concerns at the parlous state of some areas of the field especially when there is flooding. SK commented that the dip at the top end of the field had been filled and grass seed spread.
Barnham Trojans are responsible for pitch area repairs under their lease agreement and two years ago paid for weed control spraying for the whole sports field. Broadleaf weeds are returning and the field may well need weed control spraying again next spring.

We do have a field maintenance sub-committee and DL to arrange suitable time and date for field inspection.

There being no further business the meeting closed  at 8.55pm

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