Minutes of Trustees Meeting 15th June 2015

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Registered Charity No. 276055

Minutes of the Trustees meeting held on Monday 15th June 2015

Present: Mr D Ives. (DI),    A Smallman (AS), T Smallman (TS), J Leahy (JL), W Warwick (BW). D Meakins (DM), H Hedges (HH), N Pidgley (NP), S Kennedy (SK), R Cornell (RC),

D Freeman (DF) D Leonard (DL)

There was one member of the public in attendance: Mr A Johnson.

  1. Apologies: Received from C Wright, R Driver, T Chown
  1. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on May 21st were accepted and signed by DI.
  1. Matters Arising: 72 Perimeter grass cutting. AS/HH talking to Probation Service re clearance of grass front of Community Centre.

A Johnson edged all grass around Centre following cutting of same by SK.

One written quote received for future cutting, A Johnson gave a verbal quote of £10 per hour for same. It was agreed that AJ continue with grass cutting around Centre perimeter following a unanimous vote in favour of verbal quote.

Defibrillator:  DL reported that discussion with Parish Council at their last meeting meant the item was on going. A unit could be obtained through the Football Association at 50% normal retail cost however the PC was investigating possible charitable “free” sources.

If there were any cost incurred the following groups agreed to contribute: PC, Bowl Club, ASC, ACSC, Barnham Trojans, BRMRC. The Tennis Club had also indicated that they would also contribute to any cost.

73: (10) Access Cards. Carried over. (JL)

  1. (11) Closed
  2. (12) Cheque Payments. Carried Over (TS)
  3. (b) Snooker Room, storage cabinets. AS reported that some had been removed and the remainder will be removed asap.
  4. ( c) Snooker Table. Pocket repairs. It was agreed that as the table “cloth” had not been cleaned and serviced for some time HH would investigate cost of full service. (HH)

76 ( e)  Stage/ Hall dimmer switch. Required action carried out. Closed

76 (g) Pot Hole: SK supplied  AS with the required material and hole now filled.

  1. Correspondence: 11/16. Insurance cover note received from ASG Coaching for August field hire.

12/16. Information re Access cards

13/16. BRMRC. Re information on new “chamber” in Goods Shed

14/16. Emergency Plan (ACSC) Information on sourcing support for project

15/16. Adrian Taylor letter to TC re Lease timing

16/16. Original resignation letter from AS & TS. Matter closed

  1. Chairman’s Report: Nothing to report

83: Secretary’s Report: AS . a) The Probation Service have been in the Centre on Sundays and the redecorating is continuing. They intend to start on the Changing Rooms and outside toilets Tuesday 16th June. AS/DL to co-ordinate.

  1. b) Key Count: AS to carry out Master Key count. It appears a number of keys remain with former Trustees who have not returned same
  2. c) NP and SK to be entered on to Trustees contact list
  3. d) Chairs. The damaged and now scrapped chairs to be disposed of. AS to arrange delivery of a skip.
  4. e) Maintenance: DI/AS/HH to meet for review Wednesday 24th


  1. Treasurers Report TS. As issued statement.
  2. a) The cash flow balance in bank is slightly less that at this time last year, however with increased bookings and events it is hoped that there will be an improvement on last year’s figures,

b)Tennis Club requesting that the AGM hall hire be included in their total rental charge for the year. It was agreed that unless written proof is provided that this has been the “norm” in previous years the club will be required to pay hiring fee for AGM.

  1. c) TS itemised a number of outstanding payments to be received, inc W Sx Co Co. TS is actively pursuing all.
  2. d) Accounts 2014-2015. The account books are currently with Adams Beeney. A number of records held by J Vinsome to be forwarded.
  3. e) AGM Annual Report; TS to compile
  4. f) Grants: £900.00 + remains from the Awards for All account following purchase of new chairs and tables. Further quantity of chairs (with arms) to be ordered,

JDAC. £688.00 remains in the account however a further £500.00 is due to be paid out

  1. g) Hall Hire/Weddings; With new tables, chairs and table linen available for hire it was agreed that the cost be increased as follows

Hall/ Tables/Chairs.  £150.00.  If table linen required a further £25.00 be invoiced.

The proposal was confirmed and agreed.

  1. h) Use Group Hire Charges. TS considered that the last valuation of Rents took place in 2013 although there were some valuations last carried out earlier that that year

TS ran through valuation/ rent details for various groups. It was agreed that the Business Plan, Finance Trustees to meet and advise on review of current rents and likely increases.  Action Point RD/TS/JL/DI/AS

  1. I) Marketing Team: RC/HH/JL. Meeting to be arranged.



  1. J) Fibre Optic service for It to be investigate. Action Point: JL.
  2. k) Quote to be obtained for thermostatic valves for radiators (HH)
  3. l) Requesting permission to be allowed to overspill into the main hall when exceptionally busy. Agreed to book the hall in advance when possible but agreed that a donation be suitable if requirement is on an ad hoc basis.


85; Parish Council Report: No Trustee present;


86: Bookings. (HH) .  Premier Sports. Hire of Hall and sports field. To commence Monday July 21st for maximum of 5 weeks @ £400.00 per week. Main use will be hall but possibly use of field.

HH reported that November and December Hall hire fully booked


  1. Date of Next Meeting: Monday July 13th. 7.30pm.

Confirmation of AGM Date as Monday July 27th.


  1. Any Other Business: a) AS/HH requesting help with furniture moving from 3.30pm

Friday 19th June.

  1. b) AS assured Snooker Club that he did not envisage any further problems once the remaining storage cabinet/furniture has been removed from snooker room.
  2. c) It was agreed that magnolia colour paint be used throughout the centre.
  3. d) Lease: ACSC/BRMRC. The AIRS representative , Louise Beaton, agreed to chair a meeting between all parties for an agreed fee of £90.00.

PC will be represented by M Beaton (Chairman). ACSC  JL/DL/TC. BRMRC  AT/DI.

Meeting to be arranged asap

  1. e) AS requested that a new external notice board be purchased. Cost to be investigated

Action Point AS


Closure.    Meeting closed at 9.30pm.

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