Minutes of the Trustees Meeting - Sunday 9th January 2011

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Registered Charity No. 276055

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting

Sunday 9th January 2011


Those Present


Alan Johnson (AJ), Jon Vinsome (JV), Mike Burton (MB), Linda Fromant (LF), Bill Warwick (BW), and Derek Freeman (DF)


Meeting started at 18:32pm



1              APOLOGIES – Helen Franklin (HF), Jenny Hamilton (JH), Chris Blows (CB), Jon Leahy (JL),

Dennis Lennard (DL)  Philip Pilcher (PP), Alex Gladman (AG)



2        MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE 12th December 2010.


The minutes were accepted as correct. Proposed JL, seconded DF.




2.2 The matter of obtaining a quote for cupboards in the committee room


ACTION POINT JL/AJ to obtain further quotes for next meeting




 MB confirmed the Chair of the Rifle Club had been informed of the decision of the PC




JV to let everyone know the date and time ref: decoration of the Hall


ACTION POINT JV to notify everyone on a new date for redecoration of the hall




MB stated he was still awaiting a date for meeting the ARUN Dog Warden

ACTION POINT MB to raise the issue of dog fouling with the ARUN Dog Warden and arrange a meeting to obtain first hand information.




Exploration of  the costs of erecting two/three temporary buildings.


             ACTION POINT PP/AG to obtain quotes from known sources

17   AOB



DL not in attendance


ACTION POINT DL to pursue affixing kick guards to the doors in the changing rooms with the Barnham Trojans


5      Return of the override key to the snooker room confirm by MB although the snooker over

appeared to be missing from the key press



4               CORRESPONDENCE


Item 45   Application for a grant Duke of Derbyshire’s Charitable Trust

Item 46   Disclosure insurance/qualifications Jodie Brooks Re Street Dancing

Item 47   End of sessions letter from Julie Murray – Katzs Line Dancing

MB informed everyone that Julie had since contacted him with regards to hiring the hall on Saturday nights.

Item 48   Quote from Falcon Fabrics Re Hall Curtains

Item 49   Thank You from BLS

Item 50   Parish News Invoice Re Advertisement

Item 51   Quote CH Fabrics Re Hall Curtains

Item 52   Bldg Regulations Compliance Certificate Re Boilers

Item 53   Chubb Service Report Sept 2010

Item 54   £9,000 grant award Smith Charity  Re Front Hall Extension

Item 55   Completion of Works re Hall Flooring – Hutchinsons

Item 56   Quote re C Mould Re Hall Curtains

Item 57   Letter from JV to Greenwood Re Christmas Tree


5               PUBLIC SESSION


No public in attendance


6               CHAIRMAN’S REPORT


MB stated that with JL he attended a meeting with PC members. The following matters had been discussed

A)    The ACSC had secured £9,000, with the proviso that work begins before 31/3/2011, towards the front of hall extension.

B)    It was suggested as the new building/Hopscotch project was now on the back burner for at least a year the PC might like to consider the re-allocation of their £5000 grant towards this project  in favour of the front of hall extension. The ACSC were requesting the PC advance a further £6,000 to make up the shortfall

C)    The ACSC were made aware of the project the ACSC wished to undertake to extend the rear of the centre. This project would increase the size of the hall, create a commercial sized kitchen, dedicated toilets for hall users and storage space. The PC were asked to consider the taking out of a loan to cover the cost of this project. Initial costs were estimated at £140,000. The ACSC would undertake to apply for grants to lessen the total amount

D)    The ACSC requested the PC to consider allocating a fixed amount towards the cost of utility bills. It was explained that in most cases community centres/village halls were run by the PC who settled these costs as a matter of course.


The PC undertook to raise all these matters at the next finance committee meeting.



7               TREASURER’S REPORT


The report for December 2010 was proposed by LF and seconded by DF

JV outlined that after expenditure there was a current surplus of £7,000.

JV informed everyone that waste collection had risen dramatically  now that BIFFA had ‘bought out’ the previous contractor, unfortunately we were tied into a three year contract of which a year still remained. He would attempt to sever this contract providing another contractor could be found.


8               SECRETARY’S REPORT


MB stated he had been busy this month, the hall curtain had now been ordered, trees at the end of the field had been cropped but this had resulted in the cut wood being thrown in the stream.


ACTION POINT MB/AJ to clear out cut wood from the stream


£9,000 had been obtained and a further grant application was in hand

An infestation of mice had occurred in the building and the Pest Control officer from ARUN had been called in to deal with this at a cost of £66.

A further builder had been called in to provide a quote for the front of hall extension

A further quote had been obtained for the kitchen

He had attended the meeting with the PC

He informed everyone that he had been contacted by Mrs Jan Wilson who owned the land to the south. Mrs Wilson had informed him that they intended to have some of the trees on the boundary, especially around the rifle club trimmed.


9               PARISH COUNCI REPORT


PC Rep not in attendance.


10            HALL BOOKINGS


22/1 Private party MB and JV to cover


5/2 JL to cover (MB in reserve)





MB stated that he, Sandy and JL had visited Magnet and obtained a quote for the refurbishment of the kitchen. The quote was reasonable and came with a two year guarantee for the fitting and a 15 year guarantee for the fixtures.

Following discussion if was agreed to pursue this quote


ACTION POINT MB to contact Magnet

12            DOG FOULING


MB referred to the Dog Fouling sign he had recently e-mailed to everyone.


ACTION POINT MB to obtain quote for this sign


It was agreed discussion on this matter should be put back a further month to allow for a meeting with the ARUN Dog Warden


13            DATE OF NEXT MEETING




14            AOB


Meeting ended at 7:30pm


a)    MB stated that the fencing to create the compound around the barn and the signal box should partially go ahead. He was reluctant to erect the fencing on the field side of the buildings as contractors would need access with regards to the repair of the structural damage. This was agreed

b)    MB stated that several offers of money to form a reward for information leading to the conviction of person(s) for the various fires in the neighbourhood on the 25th November 2010 had been received. The Police had been contacted and advised that the base amount should be £500. the current total was £350. The ACSC were invited to make up the shortfall together with the PC

(MB withdrew from the discussion)

It was decided to offer £75 if this was matched by the PC

c)     DF asked if the street lighting could be adjusted as it had switched off before midnight last



ACTION POINT AJ to adjust the timer


d)    DF asked the Trustees to consider the erection of a sign on the front of the building advertising the existence of the ASC. It was agreed that in principal this would be a good thing

ACTION POINT DF to present ideas for a sign and its positioning


e)    AJ informed everyone that the door to the electricity sub station had again been damaged




f)     AJ raised the matter of the notice board, letters were disappearing or being erased.

It was agreed the notice board should be move to the front of the building

                ACTION POINT MB/AJ to consider the boards removal and relocation


g)    AJ asked what was happening with the bag of road salt currently outside the centre.

It was agreed to leave it in its present position but it would be moved once all threat of further inclement weather was past


h)    JV raised the problem of Representative Trustees regularly not attending meetings and

that we had previously agreed that following three non-attendances letters should be sent

to the Club asking them if they wished to appoint someone else to the post


ACTION POINT MB to write to those concerned.


i)      LF mentioned that the national Lottery were offering community grants


ACTION POINT LF to apply for a grant for the forthcoming Olympic ceremony


Meeting ended at 7:55pm

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