Minutes of the Trustees Meeting - Sunday 15th August 2010

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Registered Charity No. 276055

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting

Sunday 15th August 2010


Those Present


Jon Leahy (JL), Jon Vinsome (JV), Alan Johnson (AJ), Mike Burton (MB),  Linda Fromont (LF), , Bill Warwick (BW). Alex Gladman (AG), Helen Franklin (HF), Derek Freeman (Derek Freeman) and Dennis Lennard (DL)


Meeting started at 18:37pm


1              APOLOGIES – None


2          Minutes of the meeting of the 6th June 2010.


The minutes were accepted as correct. Proposed AJ, seconded JV.


3          Matters arising from the Minutes of the 6th June 2010

3. (Matter arising from the Minutes of the 9th May 2010)

16 AOB The path around the signal box was now being dealt with by May Gurney

12 Boiler Quotes – In hand

16 Business Plan – for next Agenda

ACTION POINT MB to place on next Agenda

18 a) Kitchen quotes – ongoing

d) Over-ride key for ASC – Done

h) Football field maintenance – not required due to dry weather

6 Chairman’s Report

Issue of over-ride keys – ongoing

7 Treasurer’s Report

Insulation – matter dealt with

16 AOB

b)   DL to provide list of matches to JV – Done

f )   Siting of benches – ongoing


4          Minutes of the meeting of the 21st July 2010.


The minutes were accepted as correct Proposed DL, seconded HF.


5          Matters arising from the Minutes of the 21st July 2010.


5 AOB   g) Kitchen diagram/plans obtained (Agenda Item 12)

h) Defer to Agenda Item 16

k) Letter to dog bin collectors – Ongoing




6          Matters arising from the Finance Meeting of 28th July 2010.


  1        RENT 2010/2011


JV stated that in order to show Good Faith with our User Groups who were all feeling the    effects of the current financial climate  he was recommending there should be NO          INCREASE in ‘rent’ in the coming financial year.  Rental rate to remain at £11.90/hr

A charge should however be imposed of £12/Sqm/annum for storage other than that stored in a User Groups own facility

Proposed MB, seconded AJ. Unanimous vote in favour.

            ACTION POINT JV to inform all those concerned on the above decisions




Hire Charge

It was decided to recommend that a hire charge of £5.00 for the use of the Committee Room for MEETINGS should be imposed from 1st September 2011.

(Casual use i.e. to discuss confidential matters or use by the ASC Treasurer, etc. would not be included). It was agreed that all charitable organisations would be exempt of the £5 charge

Proposed HF, seconded AJ. Unanimous vote in favour

ACTION POINT JL/JV to restrict access to the committee room



It was decided to recommend end of the Committee Room should be boxed in.

ACTION POINT MB to obtain a quote for this work


  3        SNOOKER ROOM

Friday Snooker Club

It was decided to recommend that the Friday Snooker Club should be informed that future use of the room would, at the start of their next season, revert to paying by the light box.

ACTION POINT MB to write to Friday Snooker Club informing them of the            decision and requesting return of the over-ride key.


Re-furbishment of the Snooker Table

Following various complaints concerning the state of the table it was decided to recommend that we should seek quotes to re-cloth the table with attention being   paid to the cushion and the roll.


ACTION POINT MB to seek quotes for table refurbishment


  4        ASC


It was decided to recommend that should the ASC wish to carry forward the suggestion to ‘deck’ or provide a better surface area to the courtyard and other general improvements to this area then the courtyard should be written into their lease. It was further decided to recommend that any rent which might therefore become due in connection with the courtyard improvements would fall for consideration of being deferred against costs involved.

Similarly it was decided to recommend that any structural works, decoration or maintenance which the ASC undertook, with the agreement of the Trustees for the betterment of the building, may also be considered for deferment against future rent payments.

Such matters should be brought to the Trustees attention via the quarterly meetings held between the two groups.

Proposed MB, seconded HF. Unanimous vote in favour.






  5        MAIN HALL


            Kitchen Area

It was decided to recommend that once the kitchen refurbishment was completed a charge of £25 should be made to casual hirers of the hall if they required the kitchen facilities.

Clean-up of hall following a Function

It was decided to recommend that providing there was no booking for the Sunday morning clearing up of the hall, following a function, could be left until the following day at a cost of £25

Set-Up Times

Casual Users requiring ‘Set-Up Time’ in which to prepare the hall for a function should be allowed to do so at an hourly rate of £5.95 (1/2 the Hourly rate). In order to obtain this rate times must be agreed in advance.

(Times for payment would be from the commencement of set-up until 11pm on the previous day e.g.Friday, and from 9am or actual time of entry to the premises until the function is booked to begin e.g. Saturday morning).

To improve communication, availability of information and ensure our insurance requirements are satisfied, it was decided that the following procedures be adopted

a) A folder containing all the necessary forms, messages, notes etc to be maintained, at all times, in the ACSC Office. (This is to include all agreements between the parties concerned and copies of paperwork for the ASC regarding booking the bar etc)

ACTION POINT JL to raise paperwork for future individual hirers

b)  A day each week (Thursdays or Sundays) to be nominated for potential hirers to view the hall, completion of all paperwork and liaison with ASC with regards to hire.

c) The task of showing Hirers around and completing the paperwork to be rostered to include all Officers, so this task does not fall on just one persons shoulders.


It was decided to recommend that the deposit taken from casual users of the hall be raised to £100 to cover the cost of our insurance excess.

All matters agreed unanimously

HW raised the matter of charging for weddings. She gave example of charges at neighbouring halls.  It was proposed that a wedding should attract a charge of £250 this should not include ASC charges for use of the bar or other charges such set up time or clearing up time the following morning.  Proposed HF, seconded JV. Unanimous vote in favour.


6          NEW BUILDING


It was decided to recommend that an architect be engaged to provide full drawings with full specifications for the new building,(Pre-School),this would enable the project to move forward.

MB stated that since the meeting two companies had shown an interest in the project and both would engage their own architects and designers. It was agreed that contacting an architect direct should remain on hold awaiting the outcome of talks with these companies


7         RIFLE CLUB


Roger Ayling, Chairman of the Aldingbourne Target Shooting Club, addressed the meeting. He requested a new Rental Agreement with a 25 year life, for the club, he also notified the Trustees of the club’s intention to extend the range to include a new entrance and toilet facilities. There were no objection to these proposals

ACTION POINT MB to draft a new Agreement and write to the PC advising them on the proposed extention.













1      Letter to Friday Snooker Club informing them of pay-by-meter use of table,

requesting return of over-ride key and notification of bookings

2      E-mail to Frank Sandell requesting quote for refurbishment of the snooker table

3      Grant application to JDAC for assistance with fencing costs for compound behind the barn

4      Quote from Mike Kennedy for cost of fencing

5      Quote from Peter Austin re new boilers

6      Quote from Andy Burrows for front extension to hall for storage

7      Quote from Andy Burrows for foundations for Pre-School bldg

8      Quote from Constructive Evaluation for soil test-Pre-school site





JL stated he had now received all the quotes for the new access system. It was decided that JL should return to Defensor to see if they could match the quote given by Chris Lewis

ACTION POINT JL to approach Defensor and report back at the next meeting.

JL requested that it be noted in the minutes his appreciation to JV, HF and Sue Vinsome for their help in clearing up after the recent wedding.




JV reported that the finances were healthy despite monies owed by Hopscotch and an outstanding grant of £2000 from the Parish Council.




MB stated the curtain supplier had been to measure-up and depending upon availability the new hall curtains should be in place within the next two weeks.

MB stated grants were becoming increasingly harder to find especially for a project the size of the pre-school. Whilst finding a sponsor was not impossible it may be the case that the project should be divided up into stages and grants applied for against each specific stage of development. Currently two companies, one national ne local were showing an interest in the meanwhile costs for staged work were being obtained.


12         KITCHEN


HF outlined the proposal for the refurbishment of the kitchen area. It was agreed this was a temporary measure until the kitchen extension was built.

In lieu of the potential cost a further £1000 was allocated towards this project


13         NEW BUILDING  –  Dealt with at 11




MB reported that the PC had taken the decision to apply for planning permission to re-site the children’s play area. A public consultation about the proposed move would be held during the 28 day public consultation period.


15         CENTRE EXTENSION  –  Dealt with during correspondence Item 6


16         PLUMBING  –  Dealt with during correspondence Item 5







17         TREE TRIMMING


MB reported that the trees in the bottom of the field were not only over-hanging the field but also blocking the stream. Mike Kennedy had estimated a cost of £1,000, although he was not sure this would be enough but it would cover the majority of the work. Costs could increase if he was unable to negotiate an area to burn the waste in the nearby fields.

MB stated he had contacted the Environmental Agency for assistance but no grants were currently available although they had promised to visit the site and provide advice.

AJ suggested that the PC should be asked for assistance

ACTION POINT MB to write to the PC for assistance following the visit by the EA.          





JV stated that the hall walls should be plastered to bring them up to date and improve the looks of the hall

ACTION POINT DL to contact Ian Birch for a quote

ACTION POINT AJ to contact his neighbour for a quote



19         BOOKINGS


24th August Funeral  MB/AJ to open up at 12am

29th  August, 5th and 26th August Cycle Club   AJ


20         DATE OF NEXT MEETING  –  5th September 2010-08-16


21         AOB


a)          AJ asked if it were possible to fit PIR sensors in the toilets  and for the lights immediately

outside the front door to turn off the lights

ACTION POINT The cleaner to be reminded to switch off outside lights.

b)          Derek Freeman requested use of the stage or committee room over the next two

weekends to store equipment whilst the new cellar floor was laid. Agreed

c)          DF requested the Trustees authority to erect a small shed in the courtyard in which to

place gas cylinders etc. Agreed

d)          LF advised that the Tennis Club were seeking LFA affiliation

e)          HF asked if the cleaner could be reminded to leave basic stores in the kitchen area e.g tea towels and washing-up liquid.

f)           DL stated that evidence of rat infestation had been discovered in the barn he suggested a working morning to clear the barn of much of the old rubbish that had accumulated over the years

ACTION POINT JV to arrange a skip for Saturday 28th August

ACTION POINT ALL TRUSTEES to attend if possible to assist.

AG stated he would lay traps one evening in the coming week.



Meeting ended at 8:30pm







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