Minutes of the Trustees Meeting - Sunday 12th December 2010

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Registered Charity No. 276055

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting

Sunday 12th December 2010


Those Present


Jon Leahy (JL), Jon Vinsome (JV), Mike Burton (MB), Linda Fromant (LF), Bill Warwick (BW), Dennis Lennard (DL)  Philip Pilcher (PP), Alex Gladman (AG) and Derek Freeman (DF)


Meeting started at 18:37pm





1          APOLOGIES – Helen Franklin (HF), Jenny Hamilton (JH), Alan Johnson (AJ)

Chris Blows (CB)



2        MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE 7th November 2010.


The minutes were accepted as correct. Proposed DL, seconded AG.




2.2 The matter of obtaining a quote for cupboards in the committee room

MB stated he had received a quote from Mr J Smith Correspondence Item 40


ACTION POINT JL/AJ to obtain further quotes for next meeting




 MB to seek the approval of the Landlord – Aldingbourne Parish Council regarding the Rifle Range proposed extension.

MB reported that he had attended the PC meeting at which the PC gave ‘Permission in Principal’ The PC would wish to see full plans and if necessary sight of the planning application. They approved the use of a septic tank regarding connection to the main sewer pipe as impractical. They also required the building to ‘blend in’ with the existing range.


ACTION POINT MB to notify Rifle Club










AJ/JL to obtain quotes for fitting of the new internal doors

JL stated this was still ongoing


JV to let everyone know the date and time ref: decoration of the Hall

JV stated that due to other matters the redecoration of the hall had been placed on a back burner probably until after Christmas.


ACTION POINT JV to notify everyone on a new date for redecoration of the hall


JV stated he had written to all User Groups with regards to collective insurance policies He was still awaiting replies




MB stated he had attended the PC meeting. The grant for£500 towards the cost of tree management had been approved. It was agreed to employ Mike Kennedy to complete the work.

He had spoken with the Clerk regarding controlling dogs/dog owners with respect to dog fouling and had been informed that ARUN had recently approved FOUR Dog Control Orders

Failing to remove dog faeces

Not keeping a dog on a lead on specified sites

Not putting and keeping a dog on a lead when directed to do so by an authorised Officer

Permitting a dog to enter land from which dogs are excluded

Areas covered included all public land and private land where the public are permitted.

It was generally thought that keeping dogs on a lead might help reduce dog fouling on the fields but there was concern over how this would be ‘policed’.


ACTION POINT MB to raise the issue of dog fouling with the ARUN Dog Warden and arrange a meeting to obtain first hand information.


It was also discussed that before any action, if any, was taken a meeting with the public should be held.





JV/MB to explore the costs of erecting two/three temporary buildings.


Both MB and JV stated that initial findings were that the costs were prohibitive.

AG and PP suggested local companies to approach


             ACTION POINT PP/AG to obtain quotes from known sources



17   AOB


1      MB to contact THS Services regarding damage to doors in changing rooms

MB stated that THS had used external doors and they were now ‘out of guarantee’ The suggestion had been made to screw ‘kick-plates’ along the bottom edges of the doors


ACTION POINT DL to pursue this matter with the Barnham Trojans


5    Return of the override key to the snooker room


     ACTION POINT MB to make enquiries


6      Adjustment to the timer to the street lights  Done





4               CORRESPONDENCE



Item 37   Letter from JDAC confirming award of £1500 towards security fencing

Item 38   Letter to Aerobyte Ltd concerning £1000 donation towards new building

Item 39   Quote from Curtain Call

Item 40   Letter of Authority re vermin on the site

Item 41   Letter to PC notifying them of application by Rifle Club to extend the range

Item 42   Quote re tree management

Item 43   Reply from Ian Stark of Lidsey Landfill re permission to use £5000 donation

towards kitchen refurbishment

Item 44   Quote from J Smith re cupboards in Committee Room.



5               PUBLIC SESSION


No public in attendance


6               CHAIRMAN’S REPORT


JL wished it to be noted in the minutes the thanks of the Trustees to Messrs Howard Kingswell and Stuart  Smith for their efforts in attempting to control the fire at the Signal Box following the arson attack on the building on the 25th November.


7               TREASURER’S REPORT


JV stated income including the £1500 grant from JDAC, had been exceeded by our expenditure in November, however our accounts were still healthy. Current budgeted expenditure stood at almost £12,000

LF queried the size of the stationery and cleaning bills for the month

JV explained that stationery was high due to the purchase of ink cartridges and the cleaning bill was high as new mops/sponges etc had been purchased to allow proper cleaning of the new hall floor.

The account were accepted by MB, seconded by DL


8               SECRETARY’S REPORT


MB stated he had been busy this month with attempting to sort out the hall curtain.

He had requested Mike Kennedy to remove the broken branches from the western boundary as with the weight of the snow on these they appeared to have become an even greater danger. Attending the PC meeting he noted that the grant for £500 had been secured

It was agreed that Mike Kennedy could now be instructed to ‘prune’ the remaining trees on the site.

MB informed everyone that at the PC meeting the councillors had taken the decision to refurbish the existing children’s play area rather than construct a new area. The decision had been taken in the light of the grant received from Virador being only £20,000, (£40,000 had been requested). Virador had however granted permission for the sum to be used either for the new site or for refurbishment of the old site.


9               PARISH COUNCI REPORT


PC Rep not in attendance. Matter dealt with elsewhere in the meeting





10            HALL BOOKINGS


JV stated that with the exception of the Ball Room dancers next weekend there was only a children’s party booked for the 28th December which he would cover.


JV informed everyone that a new group promoting ‘Street dancing’ was starting next month.

The only day which now required a regular user group was Sundays

DF suggested Saturday mornings were also available subject to other events i.e. weddings.


11            BSBT UPDATE


MB stated that the building had been inspected by the insurers. There had been a number of letters giving support for which those involved were very grateful.




LF stated that HF had the Covers quote

JV stated he would obtain this from her

LF stated that the floor would also need to be re-laid

JV stated he would look at quotes bearing in mind the possibility that a new kitchen might be built in the next few years


13            TREE CUTTING


Dealt with previously


14            DATE OF NEXT MEETING


Sunday 9th January 2011 at 6:30pm


15            AOB


a)    LF reported progress on the Olympics issue. She had registered the interest of the ACSC with the local councils, as a potential venue.

b)    AG stated that the Rifle Club were arranging a shooting contest between all the user group U/Gs would be invited to enter teams of four this would happen early in the new year.

c)     It was agreed that the contract to supply new curtains for the hall should go to Carole

Mould of Carole’s Curtains



Meeting ended at 7:30pm




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