Minutes of the Trustee’s Meeting of 11th October 2009

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Registered Charity No. 276055

Minutes of the Trustee’s Meeting of 11th October 2009.


Meeting started at 18:35pm


Those Present



Alan Johnson (AJ), Jon Vinsome (JV), Mike Burton (MB), Dennis Leonard (DL), Linda Fromont (LF), Helen Wright (HW),), Bill Warwick (BW) John Penfold (JP). John Wakeham (JW),



In the absence of the Chairman, John Leahy, the chair was taken by Alan Johnson





1          Apologies  John Leahy (JL), Tom Tappenden (TT)


2              MINUTES OF THE 13TH SEPTEMBER 2009.


The minutes were accepted as correct. Proposed DL, seconded JV.





3   Litter Bins still awaiting a reply from ARUN

This matter was taken up by JP who would ask the new Clerk to contact ARUN

            ACTION POINT JP to report back progress at next meeting           

                Utilities-alternative prices-ongoing JV

ACTION POINT JV to report back progress at next meeting


              17 Letter to User Groups re First Aid course

ACTION POINT MB to action before next meeting

15 Letter to Football Clubs Re. litter after matches

MB stated this had not yet been done.





17 AOB

a) Basketball net JL deferred until review with play equipment installers

              ACTION POINT JL to report back progress at next meeting 


                e) Done

f) It was reported the solenoid was now working properly


                g) Still awaiting quotes for electrical work

              ACTION POINT HW/BW to report back at next meeting


 h) No purchase of replacement lights for social club lounge made yet

ACTION POINT HW to report back at next meeting


 j) PC use of the entre as an office. Point not raised JP not at meeting at this point defer

to next meeting.

ACTION POINT MB to attach to next agenda


 k) Signage re rear gateway access.

Reported that signs from Archer Safety Signs

400x600mm Aluminium, Warning sign with rails £76.50

400x600mm Rigid PVC Warning Signs               £32.50

Both have yellow warning triangle with custom text


JV put forward the idea of starting with the purchase of some fence posts and

creating our own laminated signs.

  ACTION POINT JV to report progress to next meeting





Item 31   E-mail from JL re purchase of new cards and readers for the card reader system

Item 32   Detailed e-mail from JL/JV re meeting with Frank Sandell-refurbishment of the snooker table

Item 33  E-mail from JV regarding October PC meeting and the matter of the Children’s Play area.

Item 34 E-mail from Colin Frankling regarding booking clerk for the centre

Item 35  Annual CC return (JV)

Item 36 Corres regarding the Children’s Play Area.




               No public in attendance



               JV read out the Chairman’s Report in his absence

JL gave a brief regarding his and JVs meeting with Frank Sandell concerning the snooker

Table. Keys to the cupboard in order to get to the ‘iron’ were required (Corres item 34)

ACTION POINT BW to obtain further keys to the snooker room cupboard


JV stated JL had found an alternative source of entry cards, EBF had quoted £2,45 per

card in batches of 500., an alternative source had quoted £1.50/card in batches of 100.

JL was awaiting a written quote to present to the Trustees. He had also found an

alternative supply for the card readers from EBF t£195 to £77.

In issuing cards do the Trustees want to request addresses and or phone numbers, e-

mail addresses for newly issued cards?

This matter was discussed and it was decided that in future addresses and contact

numbers should always be requested


It was also agreed that the infra-red door release on the front door should be replaced by

a big green ‘exit’ button

ACTION POINTS  JL to report back to the next meeting with written quotes regarding the purchase Reader cards and new readers.

ACTION POINT JL to purchase green ‘exit’ button for front door.




JV reported that the Charity was in a surplus of £72 for last month and that we retained £12,300 in reserve.

Having negotiated with our insurance company he had managed to reduce the planned increase of £4,500, due to the claimed submitted this year, to a modest £1,200

The Charity’s insurance bill for the coming year was £3725 + an extra £539 to cover the extra public liability require. The grand total was £4400


DL stated our current public liability of £10,000,000 would more than likely have to double to £20m inline with what was currently being requested of sports groups.


JV also reported he had at last received the outstanding monies from British Gas of £1,100.


HW  stated that in view of the current financial climate we were doing very nicely.

Everyone agreed JV was doing an excellent job on our behalf


The September accounts were proposed as correct by DL and seconded by JP

Unanimous vote in favour.




MB stated that along the boundaries especially the North and West trees were overhanging the playing areas. We would need to embark on some ‘trimming back’

JP stated he new someone who had worked on behalf of the PC

ACTION POINT JP to obtain quotes for tree trimming

ACTION POINT MB to request a similar quote from Mike Kennedy


          MB also raised the matter of Dog Fouling on the playing fields. It was now reaching appoint

where we had to take action. He stated that JV had recently mentioned we should purchase

a number of fence poles and make up our own signs. These whilst not so durable would be

a great deal cheaper

MB proposed that a number of fence posts be purchased and signs prepared.

Following general discussion this course of action was agreed

ACTION POINT MB/JV to purchase a number of fence posts and create signs(both in relation to dog fouling and warning signs (3k above))


           MB informed everyone that the recent grant to JDAC had been successful in that they had

been awarded approximately £2000 to purchase a bench.

In the discussions that followed it was decided that from the ‘Glasdon’ range we should

purchase benches made of recycled plastic as it was thought these would be more

environmentally friendly whilst being more robust and vandal resistant that a wooden

bench . The chosen design was ‘PHOENIX’ WITH ARMRESTS in brown

ACTION POINT MB to purchase bench once grant cheque received.


JP requested that details be forwarded to the Clerk as the PC had also agreed to purchase and site a bench in commemoration of Bertha Watson.




JP stated that much of the work relating to the ACSC and the PC concerned the Children’s Play Area which was being dealt with by Richard Beresford and the Clerk. The PC had decided that the maintenance and upkeep should revert back to the PC and to that end

various meeting had been arranged with ARUN DC. There would be more to report at the next meeting.

JV stated that it was not the intention of the Trustees to just ‘abandon’ the Children’s Play Area and where possible they would continue to play a part in assisting the PC where they were able to.


MB asked if JP would convey the Trustees thanks to the new Clerk. They were very grateful for his level of involvement and the results he had so far achieved in such a short space of time.



         JV stated the Aldingbourne Stool Ball Club had made an approach to return to the centre.


ACTION POINT JV to meet with the Stoolball Club






        JV reported that the trench alongside the Bowls club fence had now been completed. He

asked the tennis Club rep (LF) to convey thanks to those from the Tennis Club who had

helped but that those concerned were a little disappointed at the level of help received.

MB stated that the next stage was to cut through the tarmac in order to lay the pipe and

cable under the road.

HW stated that Phil Wheeler was now in possession of a large disc cutter

MB stated that TT had informed him of a builder within their club who had offered the use of

Equipment. It was hoped this would negate the need to hire a kangol hammer. TT would

contact MB next week to confirm

Digging out the last sections would recommence on Sunday 25th October




MB informed everyone that he hoped to meet with the planners in the next week or so and present them with new designs in order to re-submit the planning application.

On the grants front things were also looking up as he had received on this last week a letter from the PC Solicitors EGGARS who were willing to make a donation




Signal box now on course to be moved on 6th December 2009. The Duke of Norfolk had attended the site last Friday and cut the first turf where the base was to be constructed.

DL complained that Trustees had not been made a ware of the Duke’s visit

MB replied that the matter was arranged by the Save Barnham Signal Box Campaigners,

It had nothing to do with the Trustees and was an invite only affair however Alan Johnson was asked to attended on behalf of the Trustees.

MB informed everyone that the contractors BCM would take possession of the area, fencing it all off and they would be responsible whilst it was designated a building site.




         JV re-affirmed what had previously been said by JP and re-iterated that the Trustees would 

         continue to assist the PC in this matter




          8th November 2009


17     AOB


a) LF stated that the next ‘FUN DAY’ was to be titles ‘ALDINGBOURNE ALIVE’.

A possible date of the  24th April was being considered. The next meeting would be

held on the 25th October at 6:30pm, when it was hoped all user groups would attend


b) DL stated that at least 3 further keys would be required for the padlock on the barn

especially if the builders wished to use it.

MB suggested it would be cheaper to purchase an alternative padlock with 15-20


ACTION POINT HW to arrange the purchase of a new padlock and keys before next weekend.


c) DL raised the possibility of culling the rabbits who were damaging the field behind

the Bowls Club

ACTION POINT MB to contact Alex Gladman


d) JV informed the meeting that the Whist Club had raised the possibility that with

only 13 members they could not afford the new rise in hire fees

Following discussion it was decided to inform the Club that the new prices had to

apply to everyone, however the Trustees, in the form of HW , would talk to the

ASC committee about possible use of the social club.


e) HW informed the meeting that BLS wished to hold a charity night to support the

‘Hero Fund’.

It was agreed as this was a charity night there would be no hall hire fee.


Meeting ended at 20:30hrs

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