Minutes of the Trustees Meeting held 24th September 2017

Regular Minutes

Trustees are reminded to make any declaration of personal and/or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on the agenda. Notice should be given at this part of the meeting of any intended declaration. The natures of the interest should then be declared later at the commencement of the item or when the interest becomes apparent.
D Ives (DI), D Meakins (DM). M Woodcock (MW), D Freeman (DF), S Kennedy (SK), N Pidgely (NP), A Smallman (AS), S Waller,(SW), W Warwick (BW). J Sopp (JS). T Chown(TC).
Members of the Public
Received from D.Leonard, A Taylor, J Leahy, P Pilcher
95 Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on July 24 th 2017 were accepted and signed by the Chairman.
96 Matters Arising
Min 87 Micks March: Question was raised on whether ACS should make a donation to the fund raising event at the Aldingbourne Primary School. J Sopp proposed that £250.00 be donated, seconded and passed. There were 2 abstentions. Ongoing
Car Park lining: Agreed that despite the lack of financial assistance from the APC we go ahead and arrange dates for the relining and repair of the car park. ACTION: Secretary to contact “Smartlines Southern” to arrange start date. It was felt it better to delay start until after July 21 st when Hopscotch break up for the summer holidays.
Min 91. SSE.: Chairman asked that the Trustees reconsider the decision to leave £3800.00 over payment with SSE. ACSC has a large number of projects that will require payment over the next few month and he considered it inappropriate to leave such a large amount of money that we can usefully use for the projects with the electricity company. Following discussion and agreement the Treasurer was asked to contact SSE for reimbursement of the outstanding amount. Concluded.
Access system: New Cards ordered. The CCTV camera at the front door not working. JL is to source a new camera and re-site away from the Defribulator. Ongoing. JL also noted that there is a requirement for the ACSC to apply for grants for the work involved and the potential costs of equipment required. Ongoing
Leak: Following an emergency with a leaking water pipe in the boiler room Secretary suggested that an emergency call out contact list be raised and displayed prominently in the centre. Ongoing
Drones: DL to contact Arun DC to determine whether “Drones” fell under the same by-laws/orders as model aircraft flying. DL also to contact APC Clerk. JS to contact Insurance company to determine our liability re drones on the sports field. Ongoing
98. Chairman’s Report
With only 2-3 Trustees in a position and able to meet and greet centre hirers and to close up after events in the hall the Chairman suggested that it was time to consider the possibility of a self employed Centre Manager. The idea had been circulated when the ACSC met with the Parish Council. JS also raised the question of the suitability of the same person taking on the role of controlling and arranging bookings. It was agreed that we again talk to the PC and determine whether a joint arrangement with Barnham and Eastergate Community Halls could be investigated. DL to contact APC. Ongoing
JL reported on the ACSC/ASC joint meeting. JL and DL, DF and HH from the respective organisations had met to discuss and up date the ASC occupational licence (last update 2013). 
HH reported that he had been in (ongoing) discussion with Arun DC re new licencing hours which tied in with the centre opening hours and the renewal of the ASC occupational licence with ADC. HH to keep JL/ACSC informed of progress and to notify ACSC when the new licence was renewed/granted. Waiting on ADC for reply
Further discussion of responsibility for locking hall and centre after private hires which again
raised the idea of a self employed caretaker/booking secretary. Ongoing
99. Secretary’s Report
Go ahead given for Heating and Office works to start. Flooring later in year after C. Heating concluded. To request support to clear office allowing future work to be done.
100. Treasurers Report
Team Brown remains the only outstanding debtor. 9 th April TB agreed a payment of £50.00 per month, nothing received. 2 further reminders have been sent. Discussion on whether to chase through the Small Claims Court or through Debt Collecting Agency. It was further considered that JS again contact TB with an offer that payment of 50% will not take the matter further. It would have to be one single payment within 30 days. AS considered that we should write the amount of as a bad debt due to the amount of time and effort expended since Dec 2016 in trying to get payment. Team have now paid 50% of outstanding debt as above request. Now closed. Due to amount of work being done over the next few months within the centre the current account will only have a small amount left in it.
101. Bookings
Booking poor for Aug but Sept looking better. 
JS reported that the choir (Sunday) was to be re-established as from the 10th Sept 2017 requesting 7pm until 9pm. 
JS requested support for opening of doors for cycle club. Dates 17th Sept and 24th
21st Sept. New Palliates group.
3 weddings booked for next year and July fully booked
102. Date of Next meeting
Oct 16 th 2017 @ 7.30pm
103. Any Other Business
Social Club rose over £750 for Snowdrop on their 40 th Anniversary open weekend. A big thank you for all donations from many of the user groups was highlighted by D Freeman (Social club)
It was also highlighted that there was a clash with the Bowling club having a tournament on the same weekend which has also happened in the past. AS requested a copy of the Bowls clubs calendar for next year to display in the notice boards so any future clashers could be avoided.
Snooker Club damaged. Apologises given to Bill and the Snooker club.
Emergency exit signs to be looked at due to people parking in front of gates between Centre and Bowling Club.
Meeting closed at 8.25pm

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