Minutes of the Trustees Meeting 9th August 2009

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Registered Charity No. 276055

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting 9th August 2009.


Meeting started at 8:44pm

Those Present:

John Leahy (JL), Jon Vinsome (JV), Mike Burton (MB), Dennis Leonard (DL), Linda Fromont (LF), Helen Wright (HW).


1   Apologies

Tom Tappenden, Alan Johnson, John Wakeham


2   Election of Officers

Only 6 Trustees present (8 required for a quorum)

The previous Officers of the Charity were elected to fulfill their roles for this meeting only


ACTION POINT Election of Officers to be placed on next Agenda


3   Minutes of the 14th June 2009.


The minutes were accepted as correct Proposed HW, seconded JV


4   Matters arising 14th June 2009.


3      MB still to make contact with ARUN Re Litter Bins


ACTION POINT MB to contact ARUN Re Litter Bins


HW stated the fire extinguishers were due for their annual inspection on Wednesday 12/08/2009. The gas boilers were due for inspection as soon as a date could be set with the gas fitter/plumber


ACTION POINT   HW to obtain a quote from the plumber to fit piping from the cold water in the stage toilets to the far side of the stage.


4   Corres. Item 67CCTV updated

Corres Item 71 Letter Re Child Vulnerability sent to all User Groups

7     MB made contact with Ins Agent advised too many claim may result in punitive rate



The was still confusion regarding the fee paid to Chubb following the first

break-in JV to add this billing when compiling the claim



9     Copy of Clerks e-mail placed with deeds


10   Brit Gas has offered us a rate of 6.5p/unit for electricity. JV awaiting further offers

before making any recommendation


       ACTION POINT JV to make recommendation to committee re utilities


Meeting of sub group held but due to use in the hall and safety concerns turn off not

done until a qualified electrician is on site


      ACTION POINT MB to contact Steve Grubb for a quote to incorporate this into

      other electrical works


13  CCTV upgrade done


15   Vulnerable Persons Policy mentioned at AGM


17   AOB


Sink disabled toilet rectified

10mph signs obtained waiting to be erected



DL stated he is still awaiting the costs for running a First Aid course


ACTION POINT MB: to write to U/G asking if they wish any of their members to be trained in ‘Emergency Aid’. 2-3 hrs course cost around £20/pp.



5   Minutes of the 28th July 2009


Confirmed date for next AGM set for 27th July 2010.

Possible time change to 8.00pm start to be considered or change of date to avoid .

The minutes were accepted as correct

Proposed HW, seconded DL


6   Matters arising from the minutes of 28th July 2009.




7   Correspondence


1     Letter from ASC re change of hours

2     Letter regarding encroachment of Oak tree re 38 Olivers Meadow

3     Letter to PC re closure of the children’s play area

4     E-mail to defensor re further camera coverage

5     Letter to WSCC re speed signs

6     E-mail to Coversure re water damage and loss

7     Letter to I Mayoss re contract for ground works for hopscotch

8     E-mail from PC re award of £5,000 towards Modular building

9     E-mail to TT (Bowls Club) re cabling for Tennis Club

10   Confirmation from Hon Treasurer re Finance meeting to suggest 5% increase in


11   Nomination from ASC re HW as Rep Trustee

12   Nomination from BRMRC re JW as Rep Trustee

13   Notification of willingness to stand JL

14   Notification of willingness to stand JV


8     Public Session


No public in attendance


9    Chairman’s Report


JL stated he had no report fro the last month except to state that he had received a complaint

about the state that the tables were being left in after functions especially after Bingo n a



There followed discussions concerning hall bookings especially 18th Birthdays and weddings

HW stated the ASC would no longer take bookings for 18th Birthdays due to the risk to their licence with underage drinking.

A general discussion arose centered on the hire of the hall for parties and especially weddings where preparation of the hall was required.

It was suggested that as such bookings for these types of events should attract a special charge which took into account the use of the hall as an all day event.


ACTION POINT HW to ring around other halls for a full days hire rate


Meeting to discuss hire charges, forms etc set for 12/08/09 at 7pm JL JV, HW and MB


LF raised a concern about the prominence of the ‘Log In’ when opening the new web site. She thought this was off putting as some were reluctant to log in to such a site.

JV to look at the prominence of this as it was not necessary to log in just to browse the site.




Complaint from hall hirer on Saturday about the state of the tables

ACTION POINT MB to write to Derek Freeman ASC re cleaning tables after Bingo.



10     Treasurer’s Report


The June/July statement will be held over to the next meeting.


11     Secretary’s Report


MB reported that the Signal Box had received planning Permission. Network Rail had appointed BCM as the Project contractor. Work could be expected to commence within two weeks. There would be site visit by the Project Manager on 12/08.


MB stated he was having great difficulty in raising the shortfall with regards to the modular building project. If the money was not raised by the end of September, when the building was meant to be commissioned, several of the large grants could be lost.

MB asked those present to consider making a monetary donation towards the project.

There was a great deal of discussion in which reservations were put forward. It was suggested that other User Group could look upon recent rises in rents as being introduced to assist Hopscotch

It was pointed out that although Hopscotch were to be a beneficiary because they would be the main user of the building the building belonged to the Charity. In addition it provided the means to free up the hall for other user groups. There was concerns that other funds might become available which if the charity might lose if they ‘out up’ the money now. It was agreed that the Charity should place the money in reserve to be used only if required. It was suggested that £5,000 could be placed in reserve to be matched by Hopscotch.

It was suggested that a proposal should be put to the meeting which should be e-mailed to the absent trustees in order to produce a quorum.

The following proposal was made:

“The Trustees present at this meeting propose that the Trustees make available, towards the Modular Building Project, the sum of £5,000 to be held in reserve if required to ensure the build goes through”

This proposal was put to the meeting who voted unanimously to accept it

ACTION POINT MB to write to absent Trustees to effectively obtain their vote on the above issue


12    Parish Council Report


PC Rep not in attendance


13    Modular Building/Signal Box Update

Dealt with in Secretary’s Report


14    Meeting with Bowls Club re laying of Cables


MB informed the meeting that a very useful meeting had been held the result was that test pits

were going to be dug between the car park and the Bowls Club fence to assess if cables could

be laid as this would seem to provide the easiest option.


JL stated that one of the Bowls Club in attendance was a civil engineer


ACTION POINT MB to write to TT to explore the possibility of asking the Civil engineer/Bowls Club member if he would consider being co-opted as a trustee to assist in building matters in the future





15  Date of Next Meeting   13th September 2009




30th August 06:00 Cycle Club  JV


HW stated she was going on holiday from 26/09-04/10 therefore a substitute cleaner would be



Sunday 3rd October JV to close


Friday 9/10 caravan Club


ACTION POINT MB to contact the CC to get confirmation October date also enquire about February’s date.


16    AOB


MB stated that a quantity of earth would need to be removed as a result of the base for the Signal Box. There were 3 options in getting rid of it

1             Transport off site but that would incur a charge to the Campaign

2             Dump the earth in the western margins of the field by the stream. This had been

objected to by Mike Kennedy due to the amount of stone and flint

3             Dump the earth and form a bank on the northern boundary.


The consensus was that a bank be formed on the northern boundary





JV raised the matter of the insurance claim for both the break-ins. The paperwork was still with Harry.

ACTION POINT MB to liaise with Harry and JV to settle


JV stated further to the information which he gave at the last meeting with regards to ISA/ Vulnerable children he had since been notified that this had no impact upon the Charity or the Trustees. This was a matter for user groups where children aged under 19 years of age were present.

The ISA was a one off vetting at a cost of £65.00


MB reported that following the last Committee Meeting Trustees had visted the play area and viewed the tree which was the subject of a complaint from residents of Olivers Meadow.

MG had stated that the bottom 15 ft should be removed, the two adjacent trees should be pollarded and that the householder(s) should apply for permission to prune the oak as it was a protected tree.

ACTION POINT MB to notify householder after checking with tree Officer


The matter of new tables for the hall was further discussed. It was agreed that the number

should be increased to 20 and that tables similar to those we already possessed should be


ACTION POINT JV to look on the web


Meeting ended at 8:26pm.


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