Minutes of the Trustees Meeting – 7th February 2010

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Registered Charity No. 276055

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting – 7th February 2010.


Meeting started at 18:40hrs


Present  Jon Leahy (JL), Jon Vinsome (JV), /Helen Wright (HW), Linda Fromant (LF), Dennis Leonard (DL), Alex Gladman (AG), Bill Warwick (BW), Alan Johnson (AJ) and Mike Burton (MB)


1          Apologies   John Penfold


JL enquired if the Barham Trojans had elected a representative. DL replied that this was an ongoing issue for the Trojans, for the time being he would fill the reps role.


2                    Minutes of the 10th January 2010.


The minutes were proposed correct by HW and seconded by AJ


3          Matters arising from the minutes of the 10th Janauary 2010.


3        3    JV reported that Todd Miller were no longer in existence. He would

attempt to locate another firm to provide a rent valuation.

14  HW to obtain quote for moving stage bar divider –ongoing

ACTION POINT HW to update at next meeting

15 AOB  JL to seek further quotes re door access

Quote received from Defensor of £14,000 this includes £5,000 for renewal             of reader cards  Second quote still awaited

ACTION POINT JL to update at next meeting

8 MB re article in Parish Magazine re dogs

MB stated the article was submitted late and therefore did not appear. However the signs seemed to have made some difference although they had all been smashed down in the last two days.

Various points were discussed including seeking a by-law to ban dogs completely. In view of the slight improvement it was agreed to hold off any action for a further month but that in the event of some action being required dogs being kept of a lead could be discussed as a first step

ACTION POINT MB to be included in next agenda


11 MB to introduce a booking file for the office- to be done for next meeting.


4        Correspondence

       Item 66     E-mail to Matt starling WSCC re grant for street lighting

Item 67     Letter to Mr Jones of Olivers Meadow Re Oak Tree

Item 68     Letter to Mike Kennedy re change of responsibility for the                                      Children’s play area.

Item 69     letter from JDAC re granting of £1500 towards the cost of the rear                                     stage curtains.

Item 70     E-mail relating to EDF card reader replacement

Item 71     Grant application to the PC re boiler replacement.



5        Public Session

There were no public in attendance

6        Chairman’s Report

No report given


7        Treasurer’s Report


JV stated the Charity had made an overall loss of £720 on the month however over the course of the year money available to the Charity had risen from £3,000 to £12,000.

DL confirmed the grant from the Village Hall Fund was awaiting a change of signatories to the account. The grant would now appear in next years accounts.


JV proposed a cash float for HW to use of £100. Seconded by MB. Agreed



8        Secretary’s Report


Met with Dave Chant electrician and showed him around the building. Dave is willing to provide quotes for all the work that needs doing. He has agreed to replace the light fittings in the ASC on an hourly basis

Attended the PC meeting the result of which was that the grant for £650 for carpeting the snooker room was turned down on the grounds that the money could be better spent elsewhere.

Made an application for assistance with replacing the boilers. PC agreed to match our funds up to £3500.

Made arrangement with Harry Hedges to show a heating company, Saunders, into the building for a boiler replacement quote.

Shown a further company around, Austins.

Completed and submitted application to WSCC for a grant to extend the current street lighting.


ACTION POINT MB to obtain a quote from British Gas




9        Parish Council Report


No report available


10 Aldingbourne Alive

LF outlined the money given/pledged

£500 Parish Council

£500 JDAC

£1000 Woodhorn

£1750 Lottery Funding

She stated she now believed all cost were now covered when taking into account the                        advertising revenue.


            11 Report of Meeting with Barnham Signal Box Trust

                 JL requested this matter be listed for the next meeting


            ACTION POINT MB to add to the Agenda for next meeting


            12 Siting of Benches


            This was discussed with the majority of persons favouring positioning the benches   towards the west end of the main pitch. Everyone asked to view the area for any other     suggestion  .


            ACTION MB item for next Agenda


            13 Bookings


            HL stated there were no bookings for this month

However she had received a request to hold the quiz in aid of Terry Cawte, the MND.          The last quiz was a great success. HL asked if the Trustees wished to offer the hall free of          charge as a charitable function.

It was felt that as the quiz was such a success a small donation should be asked for. It was   suggested that this could be in the form of advertising the hall in any MND publication.

HW to contact Sue Kruger


14 Barnham Signal Box trust


            MB stated that the path had been dug up in one small area to temporarily lay a drainage        pipe to stop flooding. The surface had been made good. The volunteers intended to make            a second cut in the path to lay in an electricity supply. Depending on the weather this   would occur next weekend

JV asked if a meter would be installed. MB stated this would be done.


The Trust had organized a film show and talk by a local railway historian on the 22nd            February. MB asked if the Trustees would give the use of the hall free of charge.

The use of the hall free was approved.

HW requested a letter be sent to the ASC regarding the use of the stage bar.




15 Next Meeting


7th March 2010


            16 AOB


a) AG stated there had been complaints from the members of the Rifle Club about the access from the car park going behind the signal box, this was felt to be a risk especially as they were carrying guns and ammunition. He acknowledge that the light installed on the barn was now working again

MB restated that the path had been part of WSCC’s community contribution which was to be undertaken by the contractor May Gurney. However May Gurney were no longer the preferred contactor for WSCC and there contribution was now in doubt. In any case the path would not have been built until at least April especially so now because of the weather.

JL stated that the ACSC may be able to help but quotes would need to be obtained first

MB undertook to obtain quotes to lay in the new path


ACTION POINT MB to obtain quotes for laying a new path


b) HW stated a second snooker club, from Bognor, had applied to play on the alternative Friday to the Huntston Club. She reminded the Trustees of the terms upon which the Hunston Club had been taken on and explained that subsequent enquiries of other venues showed our prices were very low.

JL stated that our prices reflected the table we offered

It was agreed to allow the Bognor club to use the snooker room at the same prices as Huntston but that costs would be reviewed next year.

c) AJ asked about grass cutting and should we be looking at other contractors

MB stated that Mike Kennedy did many things for the ACSC which he did not charge           for. He was local and virtually on-call 24/7 if needed.

d) JV asked about the curtains for the hall

MB stated he would attempt to obtain a price from the company who did the rear curtains

However he had been advised by all the companies who previously quoted that it would      be cheaper to by ready made curtains for the windows and not try to match them with the       main stage curtain. However a quote for industrial tracking was advisable



ACTION POINT MB to obtain quotes for curtains



The meeting ended at 7:50pm



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