Minutes of the Trustees Meeting – 6th June 2010

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Registered Charity No. 276055

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting –6th June 2010.


Meeting started at 7:07 pm


Present , Jon Leahy (JL), Alan Johnson (AJ), Jon Vinsome (JV), Mike Burton (MB), Dennis Leonard (DL), Linda Fromant (LF), , Bill Warwick (BW), , Derek Freeman (DF). Philip Pilcher (PP)



1          Apologies   Helen Wright (HW), Tom Tappenden (TT), Mark Wilcox (MW)


2          Minutes of the 9th May 2010


            The minutes were agreed correct. Proposed JV seconded DL.


3          Matters arising from the minutes of the 9th May 2010


                        Item 3 Matters arising from the minutes of the 7th February 2010.

16 AOB

HW not in attendance no further progress has been made with regards to           obtaining a quote for the path around the signal box

ACTION POINT HW to liaise with MB regarding information required.

11 Report on Barnham Signal Box

JL stated contact had been made – subject deferred to Chairman’s Report


            9 Treasurer’s Report

JV stated he had written to the VHTF thanking them for the donation



            15 Boiler Quotes

            MB stated he had contacted the ASC regarding arranging a suitable time for the      boiler replacement. He was awaiting a reply

DF stated the matter would be discussed at the next ASC committee meeting to      be held 7th June


18 AOB

b) New Mower

MB stated he had been informed by AJ that his motor mower had now been           repaired there fore a new mower was not now required.

MB stated he had informed TT of the situation









                        4          CORRESPONDENCE

                        Item 96. Regarding the Stage Bar partition deferred to Chairman’s Report


                        11 STAGE CURTAINS

                        MB stated that an order had been placed on the 11th may Ref Correspondence                                Item 98. Nothing had yet been heard in reply.



The further quote had still not been received from John Penfold

The meeting was anxious progress on appointing a company to replace the                                    boilers was settled so that the work could be carried out in the summer holidays.

JL stated that approval for the replacement had already been agreed and money                            was set aside


ACTION POINT MB to chase up JP for the final quote then e-mail everyone the details of all the quotes so that a decision could be made who to employ whereupon MB could place the order.


                        16 EXTENSION

                        MB had updated the Business Plan which had been approved by JV and JL


ACTION POINT MB to place the Business Plan on an agenda after the AGM


                        18 AOB


a) JV and JL stated they were concerned that this task was now being dealt with                             by HW and LF? LF stated she had been contacted by the Kitchen Manager of                           Covers Ltd who she had passed on to HW.

LF stated she believed that Covers had produced a drawing that she thought                                  conformed with the spending criteria

ACTION POINT JL to speak with HW  to find out what was going on and obtain a second quote from Howdens.


c) DL stated he was waiting for the Sussex FA to reply to him but that courses                                for Emergency first Aid would be run probably on a Sunday evening. The courses                    lasted for about 3 hours.


d) MB stated that an over-ride key had been given to the ASC however when he                             spoke to bar staff they were unaware. In addition other staff had activated the                          over-ride then forgotten to switch it off and the end of the evening


ACTION POINT DF to make enquiries and ensure bar staff were properly instructed


g) MB stated disposable sanitary bags had been obtained



h) DL stated he had yet to arrange the meeting with Mike kennedy regarding the                football field maintenance

ACTION POINT DL to arrange a meeting and inform MB/JV





Item 97 letter, dated 11/05/10, to the ASC requesting a mutual date for boiler repairs

Item 98 Letter dated 11/05/10, to Stage services ordering new front of stage curtains

Item 99 letter from PTC Building contractors requesting to tender for new building

Item 100 letter, dated 13/5/10, to Dyson king requesting 6 new Master keys

(Keys now received)

Item 101 letter from ASC notifying ACSC of new Trustee Rep- Derek Freeman

Item 102 Copy of the Insurance covering the Signal Box




No public in attendance




JL informed everyone that together with JV he met with the ASC, Moira Waring and Harry Hedges. The ASC were in favour of constructing a hatchway into the hall. Quotes for this work were to be obtained

They confirmed that the cellar floor was to be raised and that they were intending of repairing the wall behind the bar which had become damp due to the faulty chiller, they had £1,000 put aside for this work. JL stated they had asked the ASC to obtain quotes for the work involved and to keep them informed, if costs were excessive then they would approach the Trustees to assist financially

It was reported that despite earlier claims HH had still not obtained the Licence Extention

They regarded this now as a priority.

JL stated he had met with the final access control company regarding our entry system. The meeting was encouraging. The system was the same as that being proposed by Defensor but their rep stated they would use the existing wiring and card reader. Hopefully this will reduce the costs. The rep had also suggested an ‘On/Off’ switch to replace the current key operated over-rides. These could be incorporated in any system and switched could be mounted in the hall, office and behind the bar.

The current abuse of the security system by user groups propping open the front door was a concern. One instance was reported that the door was still open when the ASC opened up long after any user group had departed.


ACTION POINT MB to write to User Groups offering them an over-ride key and warning them against leaving the front door propped open.


JL also stated he had met with the PC Clerk to bring a structured approach to the meetings with the BSBT. A meeting was scheduled for the 19/20 June.











JV stated that the donation from the Village Hall Trust Fund had been received, this had covered the first two cuts of he fields. The water bill had been received which was considerably higher due to the leak in the field after the Aldingbourne Alive Event. After taking into account all budgeted expenses the Charity had over £6,600 to use as it saw fit.


It was decided unanimously that an order should be placed to insulate the roof space and walls following the quote from Downs Insulation


ACTION POINT MB to write to Downes Insulation confirming the order for insulation


DL asked the Trustees approval to obtain quotes and go ahead with having the toilet doors in the changing rooms planned to fit. This was agreed unanimously


The accounts were proposed for acceptance by DL, seconded BW




MB stated he had applied for three grants for the new building, two of which were now onto the second stage.

During the month he, together with JV had met the representative from WSCC with regards the new building. Previously the WSCC were offering only £20,000 towards the building, the representative had agreed to try and increase this figure to £40,000. She had left the meeting intending on seeking approval for this amount.

An estimate for a wooden frame for the new building had been received. This quote was very reasonable and it was thought the overall cost could be reduced from £170,000 to nearer £100,000.




Deferred to next meeting




Dealt with under matters arising




AJ reported that the matter had been discussed at the PC meeting.

Quotes were still being obtained with a view to moving the area

MB reported that MW had earlier said that the area vacated by the play area could be used for allotments. JL thought that there was some merit in this but whilst the PC had taken on the responsibility for maintaining the play area the land was under lease to the ACSC and it was the decision of the ACSC what to do with the area.




Covered above






Sat 12th June   6:30 – Midnight


JL stated this was a Club who he believed would also be using the bar area to watch the football on the big screen and therefore did not require opening and closing

JL to liaise with ASC to confirm


Sat 19th June BLS   not required


Sat 26th June 12 am to midnight JV to open HW to close


Sat 3rd July Car Club


Sun 4th July Car Club Helen to supervise



14 AGM


21st July 2010 at 7pm





To be held after the AGM


16 AOB


a)         DL raised the matter of Felpham Beach FC becoming Aldingbourne FC. It was agreed if       they could have a Representative Trustee


b)         JV requested a list of all additional matches


ACTION POINT DL to provide list of all additional matches played


c)         BW reported that the snooker table brushes had gone missing


d)         JV asked DF if greater care could be taken with cleaning the tables after Friday evening      bingo.


e)         AJ reported that 22 caravans had used the site over the bank holiday they were very          impressed and had already re-booked for 2012.


f)          AJ asked if we could obtain some more road cones


ACTION POINT MB to ask DW for assistance with this.


g)         AJ raised the matter of the benches being fixed. It was agreed that a work part was            required. MB to e-mail suitable dates to everyone


Meeting ended 8:28pm



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