Minutes of the Trustees Meeting – 27th July-2011

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Registered Charity No. 276055

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting – 27th July-2011.

Those Present:


Jon Vinsome (JV), Bill Warwick (BW), Helen Franklin (HF), Mike Burton (MB), Alan Johnson (AJ), Linda Fromant (LF) Philip Pilcher (PP), Dennis Leonard (DL)Tom Tappenden (TT).


Meeting opened at 7:23pm.  MB acting as Chairman.


1.         Apologies        Jon Leahy (JL).


2          ELECTION of OFFICER


The following persons were re-elected unopposed.

Jon Leahy, (JL) – Chairman,        Alan Johnson, (AJ) – Vice Chairman. Jon Vinsome, (JV) – Hon. Treasurer, and Mike Burton (MB) – Hon Secretary

Proposed TT, seconded DL-unanimous

3          DATE of NEXT MEETING


In lieu of the decision taken in April to reduce meetings to 4 per annum

1st meeting – Sunday 11th September 2011. 6:30pm

2nd meeting – Sunday 11th December 2011 6:30pm


PP asked how business was to be conducted in between meetings

MB stated that this had been discussed and greater use of e-mails would be made with ALL communications should go via the Secretary


4              AOB


AJ stated that a meeting with the BRMRC had taken place the day before in connection with the club moving their container into the compound to comply with the works being carried out by the Parish Council in the Children’s play area)

AJ/PP stated that the move required a 100 tonne crane at a cost of £1300

MB suggested they ask Mike Kennedy if he could drag the container, temporarily to the hard standing in front of the barn


ACTION POINT PP to contact Mike Kennedy to find out if he can move the container


TT asked for an up to date Trustees contact list


The meeting ended at 7:35pm

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