Minutes of the Trustees Meeting – 11th April 2010

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Minutes of the Trustees Meeting – 11th April 2010.


Meeting started at 18:40hrs


Present  ), Jon Vinsome (JV), Linda Fromant (LF), Bill Warwick (BW), Alan Johnson (AJ) Ton Tappenden (TT) and Mike Burton (MB). Helen Wright (HW)


1          Apologies   Jon Leahy (JL), John Penfold (JP), John Wakeham (LW)


2              Co-Option of Trustee


            It was proposed that Helen Wright continue as a Trustee in a co-opted roll

Proposed LF, seconded BW. Unanimous


3          Minutes of 7th March 2010


            The minutes were agreed as correct. Proposed JV, seconded TT . Unanimous


4          Matters arising from the Minutes of the 7th February 2010.


3          Matters arising from the minutes of the 7th February 2010.



14   HW to obtain quote for moving stage bar divider –ongoing

HW apologised she had not been able to undertake this task she requested it be     given to someone else.


ACTION POINT MB to write to ACS to request their views on moving the



      15  JL to update the meeting with regards to a meeting to discuss insulation of the        building.  Deferred to correspondence.


8  BW to obtain further quote for boilers – deferred to tem 15

MB to obtain further boiler details – deferred to item 15


LP to obtain quote for cavity wall insulation – deferred to correspondence








16 AOB

Cost of new path around signal box deferred to correspondence


ACTION POINT HW  to obtain a further quote for the new path to be laid around the signal box

JV queried why we were obtaining these quotes

MB stated that in the previous meeting JL had asked what the cost would be and    that it might be possible for the ASCS to assist in this respect once a cost was             known, but that no firm decision had been taken to do so.


7     Treasurer’s Report

MB apologies he had not added the Barnham Trojans to the Agenda to discuss        the potential problems of the leagues being disbanded.

DL stated the demise of the Barnham Trojans was an over reaction. The problem   had arisen in that the league thought it would be impossible, because of the      adverse weather, to finish the league matches. DL stated this was not the case            and all was now well.


11    Report on Barnham Signal Box

JL to arrange further meeting with BSBT. Deferrred to next meeting


ACTION POINT JL to arrange meeting with BSBT


     14   Snooker Room

MB stated that he had contacted Defensor regarding the addition of a security         camera in the snooker room this was now being dealt with by JV


ACTION POINT JV  to liaise with Defensor and update the committee.





LF stated that almost all of the arrangements were now in place there was however one area of concern, that of responsible stewards to the event. In all it had been calculated over 24 would be needed. Despite promises by the Chi’ Coll Tourism unit nothing had been forthcoming from the students. All stewards would receive £5 worth of food on the day

Harry Vinsome had agreed to be the Stage Manager and Lidsey Landfill would become a staging post for the traction engine

TT stated he would ask for volunteer stewards from among the Bowls Club members.

MB/JV to put up posters in the building requesting volunteers.


(LF left the meeting)








5 Bookings/Booking Secretary Post


HW stated there were only two bookings in the next month:


1st May 40th Birthday start 4pm  JV to see in   Out ?


2nd May 80th Birthday  Start time not yet known  HW to see in


HW stated that on the 6th May the centre would become a Polling Station and therefore needed to be open at 6:30am.

AJ to unlock on the 6th May


HW stated at present  there were two further bookings for May, she was catering for both events and would therefore see them in and out.


JV raised the problems which had occurred last weekend;

No Trustee to see the wedding party in and out of the building

The use of the hall on Friday night to set up

The leaving of clearing up until Sunday

The extra hours had not been costed in

Wines etc on the table whilst the bar was open


HW explained that the hirer had only approached her on the Friday evening to gain access to the hall to put up a ‘few decorations’, they had not been given permission to fully arrange the hall. Clearing up was in line with other local halls who all seemed to allow clearing up on the following morning

The hirer should have paid more as it was she had only paid £165 when it should have been £180. HW suggested that other money owing could be taken from the deposit.


JV stated that extra hours should result in extra cost. HW suggested the extras could also be deducted from the deposit cheque when cashed


MB suggested that deposits should always be in the form of Cash and never cheques as these could be blocked. Cash being ‘real also had a greater effect on people in controlling their functions if there was a chance they could forfeit it.


JL and MB outlined that if the bar was open the licence covered the hall therefore with the exception of a few ‘toast’ bottles, champagne etc, no other wine etc should be opened in the hall once the bar had opened to the hirer. All bottles of wine provided by the hirer, prior to the bar being opened, must be consumed before the bar was opened, any bottles being opened and consumed after the bar had opened would rightly incur a ‘corkage charge’ to be levied by the ASC as licence holder.


DL suggested a note to this effect be attached to the hire form to stress the point.


HW left the meeting


ACTION POINT JV to add a note regarding wine/corkage etc to the booking form.







Item 75 Quote from Haddows  re electrical work

Item 76 Quote from Regis Electrics re electrical work

Item 77 Letter to ASC ref contact details of Trustees for emergencies

Item 78 Letter from ASC detailing new committee and the year’s financial report

Item 79 Application from Harry Hedges for the cleaning vacancy

Item 80 E-mail to PC Clerk requesting details of the Village Hall Fund

Item 81 Letter from ASC giving contact for correspondence

Item 82 Misfile from previous month Letter from HW re hall bookings Dec-Mar

Item 83 Three quotes from Regis Electrics re electrical work

Item 84 Boiler Quote from Travis Perkins-Boiler cost only

Item 85 Resignation letter from HW re role as cleaner

Item 86 Letter from ARUN re Poling Day

Item 87 Quote(s) for laying of footpath around the Signal Box.

Item 88 Quote for insulation of walls and roof.


ACTION POINT MB  to contact PC regarding cost and reclaim of VAT


Item 89  Information concerning ‘The Compact’ –Available to all




No public in attendance




No Chairman present. Report deferred




Small surplus this month. With the £10,000 which should remain in the account there was presently an excess of £278 although various projects had already been catered for including monies put aside for the boiler and electrical works.


DL asked if a ‘Thank You’ letter could be sent to the Village Hall Trust Fund regarding the recent donation of £1260


ACTION POINT JV to write thanking the VHTF.


DL explained that the fund capital was tied up on a loan basis and was not available until this was paid off in 56 years time. However the capital was available to secure a loan against the interest paid which was about £1250/year.

MB stated this would be worth considering in light of the extra finances which would be needed if planning permission were granted for the new building/Play School premises.













MB stated that the YOT’s had edged the carpark for us , he thanked AJ for assisting in the disposal of the ‘cuttings’ from this work.

He also thank AJ for his assistance in effecting the long overdue repairs to the guttering

First stage of the electrics, a supply cable from the changing rooms to the hall cupboard and the installation of a ‘Crabtree’, isolation switch and meter for the Tennis Club had been completed

MB stated he had written to the ASC (Item 77 Correspondence) regarding a lapse in alarming the building during the week, he had also spoken to Linda MacKenzie, asking that all staff who locked up should be made aware of the importance of setting the alarm. The letter also contained contact details for JV JL and MB in case of any problems

Special thanks to Sue and Jon Vinsome and Sandy Burton for the work put in cleaning the centre for last ten days.


11 Parish Council Report


Parish Council Rep not in attendance, report deferred until next meeting




Cloth samples were examined and the Burgundy was chosen.

It was decided to delay the order until next month in the hope that the grant application currently with ARUN would come to fruition.


JV stated that the order/invoice should go through the PC thus allowing the reclaim of the VAT.


ACTION POINT It was decided that JV and MB would contact the PC Clerk to see if this were a practical format that the PC, as the Landlord, purchase all fixtures and fittings.




In lieu of HW’s resignation and the request to be engaged as the cleaner received from Harry Hedges the committee were asked for their opinion in employing HH.

There were no objection excepting that DL asked if there were a proper contract of employment, a proper wage structure and a job specification

JV replied that everything was in place and that HH would be on a 3 month trial. He explained that having worked through the job spec and costing it out the new rate would be in the region of £90/wk. he confirmed that HH would be self employed
















MB  stated that he had received a quote, update, from Peter Austin which detailed the boiler he intended to install, he confirmed this was a Worcester Bosch 42CDL (42KW)


The quote, for boiler only, obtained by BW from Travis Perkins was similar, a 50KW Potterton Sirrius boiler. Together with the flue this was quoted at £2800


The third quote was that from Saunders who’s quote was in excess of £5,000


All the quotes were excluding VAT


MB informed the meeting that JP had requested a further company to quote for the work.


It was decided that the work would need to be carried out during the warmer weather and in agreement with the other User Groups, especially the ASC as the work could possibly mean no water for 24-48 hour period


ACTION POINT MB to write to other user groups especially the ASC to arrive at a convenient date for works to commence




MB gave the latest quote details Item 83 Correspondence The quote for all three ‘projects’ if accepted also incurred  a 10% discount from Regis Electrical. The quotes from Haddows and Chandlers were also mentioned

JV thought the quote for the lights in the ASC were very reasonable and with a grant of £2000 still outstanding from the PC this would result in a cost of only £300 to us to get all this work done

The higher quote, to include a double headed light fitting for the street lamp was agreed.


ACTION POINT MB to confirm Regis Electrics to carry out the specified work.






9th MAY 2010 at 6:30pm













18 AOB


a) MB asked about arrangements to open the centre. It was agreed that JV would open the centre in the mornings with AJ as ‘back-up’. This depended upon what times HH might open up to perform his cleaning duties


b) MB requested the Committee consider purchasing a new petrol mower for AJ. Until now AJ had used his own machine which was now on its last legs due to the increase in use.

Unanimous vote in favour.

ACTION POINT AJ to cost out a new mower


 c) DL asked the  trustees to consider financial help with the renovation of the football pitch following the Aldingbourne Alive event. It had been estimated by Mike Kennedy that all the work needing doing during the off season might amount to £1,500.

JV pointed out that the ACSC did not receive sufficient funds to cover field maintenance costs at the moment. He suggested if there were any profits from the Aldingbourne Alive Event then money from it could be used.

MB stated that an application for funding should be sent into the PC

DL stated he was also considering applications to Lidsey landfill as well as others.


d) JV raised two further matters concerning monetary matters which he will deal with as Treasurer

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