Minutes of Centre Management Committee – 9th September 2013

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Minutes of Centre Management Committee – 9th September 2013


ATTENDEES:       Jonathan Leahy- Chairman (JL), Alan Smallman- Secretary (AS),

Tony Chown- Treasurer (TC), Rachel Cornell (RC)


APOLOGIES:       Jonathan Vinsome- Accountant (JV)


“Trustees are reminded to make any declaration of personal and/or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on this agenda. Notice should be given at this part of the meeting of any intended declaration. The nature of the interest should then be declared later at the commencement of the item or when the interest becomes apparent.”


“Subcommittee members are reminded that no decisions can be made without subsequent approval at a regular Trustees meeting or via a vote called from all Trustees.”




The Officers of the ACSC have formed a temporary Management Committee. Currently the Officers are short of one position so Rachel Cornell was asked to attend. Members were agreed to retaining position on the Management Committee, pending approval at the next Trustees meeting. It was recommended that Dennis Leonard also form part of the Committee but only required to attend meetings involving the playing fields.




  1. 1.       Review of end of year accounts.


Postponed; accountant unable to attend meeting.


  1. 2.       Overview of account balances and outstanding expenses.


Postponed; accountant unable to attend meeting.


  1. 3.       Establish responsibility between ACSC and Vinsome Accountancy Services.


The Management Committee recommends that:


ACSC Treasurer responsibilities include:

  • Manage money in/money out for bookings and private hire including deposit refunds.
  • Manage bookings diary and bookings forms.
  • Manage an internal float of up to £100 to be kept in the office with a receipt log book.
  • Manage cleaners float.
  • Pay in cheques received.
  • Refund trustees expenses.
  • Monthly report sent to Accountant (money in/out, including cheque slips, expenses, etc)


Accountant responsibilities:

  • Raise invoices and credits for regular users/groups
  • Payment of bills
  • Manage Direct Debits and regular payments
  • Recommend Maintenance and Service contracts (Gas, Water, Electric)
  • Monthly Income/Expenditure/Budget reports (as per current format)
  • Liaise with auditor for Annual Accounts


To Do List:

  • Obtain second cheque book for Accountant
  • Trustees new signatories (AS/TC)
  • Accountant new signatory (Sue Vinsome)
  • Purchase cash box for Office, expenditure of up to £50 approved by Officers (RC)


All items (except purchase of cashbox approved expenditure by charity Officers) subject to required approval at next Trustees meeting and by Vinsome Accountancy Services allowing for further discussion as required.


  1. 4.       Centre Management


Cleaner duties and contract review:

  • Centre Cleaning – review meeting with Harry Hedges (JL)
  • Booking of contractors – provide contractor list (JL/AS)
  • Meeting with contractors as needed – to be discussed with Harry Hedges (JL)


Bookings and communication:

  • Maintain bookings diary (TC)
  • Onsite meeting for bookings (TC/JL/AS share as available)
  • Responding to voicemails/enquiries (TC/JL/AS target response within 1 working day).
    • Responder emails enquiries stating that they are dealing with said request.
    • Responder to update Google Calendar with any temporary booking.
    • A reminder of Charges for 2013:
      • Hall hire per hour:                                    £12.50
      • Hall hire Saturday 12pm-12am            £160.00
      • Hall hire Saturday 9am-12am              £180.00
      • 10% discount applies to parishioners and regular user groups.
      • £100 deposit required from private hirers.
      • Bar hire is organised separately by the Social Club (£40, or £20 for members).


Proposed rate increases for 2014 to be ratified at next Trustees meeting to implement Jan 2014:

  • 5% increase on hall hire.
  • Hopscotch negotiation meeting to be set (JL).
  • Social Club negotiation meeting to be set (JL).
  • Complete and obtain independent ground rent survey previously paid for (JL).
  • Review proposed lease agreements and recommend next actions (JL/AS/TC).
  • Surveyor’s drawings still needed for Barn, Signal Box and Compound (RC).



Priorities for the current year 2013/2014:


A number of priorities were discussed and noted below. These need to be ratified by the Trustees at the next meeting:


  • Events Planning & Fundraising
    • Autumn Fest.
    • Christmas Fair.
    • Trustees Charity Quiz Night.
    • Maintenance (Short/Medium term for 2013/2014)
      • Arrange hall floor refurbishment- already approved by Trustees (AS/TC).
      • Research solution to extension floor breaking up, obtain quotes (AS/TC).
      • Replace outside bins and dog bins- ongoing with Parish Council (JL).
      • Obtain quote for PAT testing (RC).
      • Obtain quote for Intercom purchase and installation for hall and bar (JL).
      • Obtain quote for replacement social club door with window (JL).
      • Metre Readings and Boiler Adjustments for winter (TC/JL/AS).
      • Access Control Refurbishment – obtain new quotes, seek funding (JL).
      • Create proposal to refurbish stage lighting (JL/HH).
      • Create proposal to refurbish hall ceiling lighting (JL/HH).
      • New chairs for hall- submit grant request to Awards for All (AS).
      • Kitchen refurbishment – outstanding items to be resolved ASAP:
        • Obtain price for ventilation grill and splashback (JL).
        • Purchase Microwave- purchase approved by officers up to £50 (TC).
        • Obtain price for kitchen utensils and catering cutlery (TC/RC).
        • Replace first aid kit- already approved by Trustees (TC).
        • Install locks on kitchen cupboards (JL).
        • Obtain price for cooker hood/filter (RC).
        • Obtain quote for purchase and installation of external extractor (JL).
        • Obtain estimate for roof and hall cladding refurbishment (JL).




Autumn Fest


Proposer:            RC

Organiser(s):      RC/JL

When:                  2nd November 2013 (or possibly 1st November 2013)


An event was proposed by Rachel Cornell to provide an evening of entertainment covering both Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night, potentially Saturday 2nd November 2013. A proposed schedule was discussed:


17:00-18:00         Childrens Halloween themed event, apple bobbing, pumpkin competition.

18:00-19:00         Childrens disco, with warm spiced apple drink for children and mulled wine for adults as well as other treats.

19:00-20:00         Hog Roast

19:30-20:00         Firework display (actual display likely to be 15 minutes duration)

20:15-20:45         “Smalltalk” live on stage (free set in return of meeting room use)

21:00-23:30         TBC rock/indy band live on stage; mainly 60s/70s covers.


Total budget required: Approximately £2,500. It was proposed the Parish Council should fund at least 50% of the cost as it is a community event that we do not wish to charge for. Collection boxes for donations, split 50/50 with the MND.


The proposed date clashes with the MND quiz. They have been asked if they could move to the 16th, they will let us know within a few days. If not, we will look at holding the event on Friday 1st November if the Bingo club is agreeable to cancelling that night.


Event proposed requires minimal support from Trustees. The event will require ratification by the Trustees at the next meeting should at least half the budget be covered by the Parish Council and other sponsors (if not, the event cannot proceed anyway).


Christmas Fair


Proposer:            TC

Organiser(s):      TBC

When:                  December 2013


It was discussed whether a Christmas Fair could be organised this year, to be held in the hall with various stalls, cakes, drinks, entertainment, etc. A children’s pantomime was also suggested. If the Trustees are interested in putting on such an event we require a volunteer to organise it.


Trustees Charity Quiz Night


Proposer:            TC

Organiser(s):      TC/JL

When:                  January 2013


It was proposed that the Trustees hold a quiz night with a percentage of ticket sales going to the Charity.




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