Minutes of ACSC Officers Meeting – 14th August 2017

Regular Minutes

Present: DL, JL, JS, AS
Apologies: DI
1. Cleaning
Chelsea from Green Clean has requested a site meeting. Ideally 7pm weekday evening, alternatively 9am weekday morning.
a) Cleaner is cleaning outside of times specified on the tender.
b) Cigarettes butts not sweeped up outside main entrance.
c) Toilet rolls not being put out.
d) Gents toilet still smells bad. Need to determine why and how to prevent.
 i) Do tiles need lifting, cleaning, relaying and properly sealing?
Action: DL to contact Chelsea to arrange a meeting.
2. Preferred Supplier List and Previously approved expenditure
a) Gas and Plumbing: Quotes received from Tim Croucher and A.D. Broughton. Difference between two quotes, excluding new thermostat controllers, is £100. Still waiting quote from Alan Finch. Preferred contractor undecided until final quote is received but current recommendation is Tim Croucher.
b) Electric: David Payne, 24x7 Electrical.
c) Telephone and Internet: BT Local Business.
d) Building maintenance: Andy Burrows. Andy will be doing internal restructuring autumn half term.
e) Hall Floor: Hutchinsons. Looking to perform maintenance during Christmas holidays.
f) General maintenance responsibility of maintenance subcommittee (DI, SK, AS, NP, DL, MW)
Approved projects:
a) Internal Restructuring: £2,576
b) Boilers and Radiators: £3,450
c) Car Park lining: £1,188
d) Floor Refurbishment: £975
  Total: £8,189
Action: DL to contact Alan Finch to chase quote.
Action: DL to confirm date with Andy Burrows.
Action: AS to email Trustees for working party weekend before half term.
Action: JS to contact Hutchinsons.
Some discussion over lack of grants received and whether we can afford expenditure. JS gave financial update and Trustees had already approved expenditure for items mentioned. Noted comments from Accountant with regards to the lack of grant funding and maintenance in 2016-2017.
Action: JL to ensure PC is sent list of projects underway and again requesting financial assistance. Even if they decline, we will need it in writing as correspondence. JL to try Awards for All and SITA (if still applicable) as well as contacting WSCC again.
Action: JL to contact Post Office at Elmtree Stores to discuss holding post for collection.
Action: AS to investigate pigeon holes for user group post.
Action: JL to contact Car Park lining contractor.
Action: JL to email trustees for approval for £1,090 for 6mx12m marquee
3. Trustees Responsibilities
4. Marketing and Business Plan
Discussion deferred until September meeting
5. Insurance
Action: DL to contact coversure to discuss renewal quote.

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