Draft Minutes of the Trustees Meeting on 20th March 2017




J Leahy (JL) Chairman. D Ives (DI), D Leonard (DL), S Kennedy (SK), A Taylor (AT), T Chown (TC), S Waller (SW), P Pilcher (PP), M Woodcock (MW),A Smallman (AS), R Driver (RD), D Freeman (DF). W Warwick (BW)

65. Apologies:

Received from N Pidgley, J Sopp, D Meakins

66. Minutes:

The minutes of the meeting of February 20th were accepted and signed by the Chairman.  Proposed TC, seconded DI

67. Matters Arising:

Stage Floor. Painting of, on going. - Action Point DL
Trustees Indemnity Insurance:	On Going - Action Point JL/HH
CCTV 				On Going - Action Point JL
Radiator Bleeding		On Going
Gas Boiler Servicing		Completed. Safety Cert to be located and filed. 
It was agreed that Thermostatic Controllers need to be fitted to individual radiators. 
H H to be contacted re boiler service engineer re quote for same. 
Solar Panels			On Going - Action Point JL/DI
ACSC/ASC meeting.	Held over until after ASC AGM scheduled to be held April 10th. - Action Point DF/JL
Sussex Reliance Group. TC reported that the APC and Clerk knew nothing of the intention of this organisation to use the CC as an emergency centre if required.
Trustees requested Alan Johnson contact the organisation and request that they contact both the APC and ACSC requesting permission to allocate the CC for the above purpose.
Broadband /Phonelines:  JL reported that the required equipment had been received and the BT engineer had yet to fit as required. - Action Point JL
Quotes from Pay Pall, Worldpay (credit card payment methods) remain on going. 
Kitchen Fridge. On going - Action Point DL
Bar Lights	Repairs and replacement completed
Car Park Lining.	5 quotes received , 2 of which included pot hole repairs.  Carried over to April meeting whilst JL investigates who is responsible for the car park. (APC, ACSC and or user groups).
Smoke Alarms: DI has checked and replaced batteries as required. He also recommended that a new alarm be fitted in the kitchen area. - Action Point AS

68. Public Session:

Alan Johnson asked if the Trustees still required him to trim the bushes, plants around the centre. Agreed.
Questioned why the office and cleane’rs cupboard were being moved and at what cost.
Chairman  responded and explained our intentions.

69. Chairman’s Report:

Nothing further to report

70. Secretary’s Report:

Dl to meet with Green Clean supervisor to review 1st months work. JS had asked for a number of items to be mentioned.


62/17 JL Centre Snag List
63/17. Received 5 quotes for Car Park Lining
64/17. P Smallman. Copy of letter to Arun DC planning re application for Signal Box Arm. Contents Noted
65/17. Nick Pidgley notifying Trustees of his resignation as representative for the Aldingbourne Modellers. Contents noted.
Following discussion with Chairman, DL had contacted NP with a suggestion that he become a co-opted Trustee as we could ill afford to lose willing and able volunteers and members.
NP agreed to the suggestion and the Trustees present concurred. NP to be co-opted at April meeting.
66/17. BT Quotes for Broadband and Telephone   
67/17. CCTV quotes received from Defensor Security and TVC CCTV. 
Further quotes are expected. Carried over to April meeting
68/17. JL Action point list (Minute 67 refers).

71: Treasurer’s Report:

JS had submitted up to date accounts for circulation. 
A number of debtors  were highlighted in the accounts
JS has arranged a meeting with Bowls Club Reps re outstanding electricity invoice. No invoice has been submitted for 2 years and estimated £2000.00 is due. On going
Team Brown. No payments have been received for 2 months, however after JS contacted club payments vis direct debit have resumed at £50.00 per month. £601.25 remains outstanding.
The year end accounts to be reviewed by Finance Subcommittee before presentation to April meeting.  Finance Sub-committee to meet 30th March. 7.30pm

72. Bookings:

Steady Increase in enquiries with 3 of the 5 Saturdays in April booked with Sunday children’s parties increasing in numbers. 3 of the 4 Saturdays in May booked.

73. Date of Next Meeting:

Monday 24th April. 7.30pm

74. Any Other Business:

RD: Request that “V” sweepers be made more readily available for hall users. Apart from one broom behind stage access door there was no other cleaning equipment available.
Concern had been expressed to RD by a member of the public over the lack of available information on ACSC  clubs and activities. 
JL: suggested that the Marketing and Fund Raising sub-committee meet asap. JL/AT/NP/DF.
DF: Event weekend re ASC 40th anniversary. Weekend Aug 26th/27th with an open day scheduled for the 27th. 
A number of clubs had declared interest in participating. Bowls Club, BRMRC, BUGS, Tennis Club, Shooting Club.
Hopscotch, Snooker Club and Barnham Trojans are still consulting with their members.
MW: Tennis Club request for 5 new key cards.	JL to arrange.
BW: Asking who is responsible for emptying of the green waste bin at the front of the Centre and the small waste bin in the snooker room.  DL to ensure Greenclean take on responsibility. 
JS: Action in Rural Sussex. Annual subscription due for renewal; £120.00. Confirmed.
Report that there is a Radiator leak in ladies toilet. In line with the proposal that thermostats be fitted to all of the Centre radiators DL to obtain 3 quotes for same plus repairs as required to a number of radiators in the centre.
DL: reported that keys for the outside kitchen door appeared to me missing. Hopscotch have 1 set. DL to purchase 2nd set. It was agreed that we hold a key count and check of keys in office. Saturday morning April 1st. JL/DL/DF/SW/TC/BW/DI/MW
TC: reported that the APC were intending to carry out a litter picking exercise around the Parish on March? Volunteers welcome.
SK: A number of paths around the centre and alongside the car park required edging. Also the long path from Signal Box to Shooting Club needed edging. Work Party to be arranged along with possibility of contacting Probation Service for assistance.
AT Notice Board. It had been noted that the APC were purchasing new notice boards and intended to mount one at the entrance to the Centre. Would the current board be available to the ACSC. TC to check with Parish Clerk
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.55pm

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