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Thank you all for attending the 2013 AGM of the ACSC.

The Past Year

The past year has been one of transition for the ACSC. With new Trustees coming on board at the last AGM, it has been an upward learning curve for a number of us I’m sure, particularly for myself. I am however very pleased to say that I think we now have a well-balanced board of Trustees that have settled into the role quickly and that will help drive forward our goals and objectives for ACSC over the coming years.

I would like to put on record my sincere thanks to Jon Leahy for his continuing help and assistance as a Trustee this last year. His work has been a major contribution to our success and with a new Secretary and Chairman coming on board at the last AGM, Jon has probably taken on more than he probably anticipated he would this time last year. Thanks Jon.
I would also like to thank Alan for undertaking the key task of Secretary, Jon Vinsome for ensuring that our finances are kept on a good footing, Tony for working tirelessly to ensure bookings are dealt with and to all my fellow trustees for your excellent attendance and contributions at the meetings this last year.

There has been some real success this last year and I would now like to spend some time highlighting those as well as reviewing the priorities set at last years AGM.

Firstly, the assets available at the Trustees disposal have increased, thanks to volunteer work and grants from both the Parish Council and SITA Trust, as the Barn has now been restored to a very ‘fit for purpose’ building that will provide further community ‘space’ at the ACSC site and a further source of revenue for the Trust. This building in its previous derelict state was I’m sure a concern for the Trustees and potentially a drain on Trust funds.

This last year has also seen many requests from new user groups to use our hall which we unfortunately still have to decline. This is a positive sign that despite the difficult economic climate, that the Centre is still popular. However, we are aware that these continuing difficult times are having a detrimental affect on our current user groups and the Trustees will need to be sympathetic in working with those groups in particular the Social Club and Hopscotch Pre-School.

All in all, the ACSC remains financially healthy and with most refurbishment projects completed should have fewer problems for future Trustees to have to deal with.
At the last AGM, we set a number of short term and long term priorities. Whilst some of these have not yet progressed due to lack of funding, we have moved forward on a few:
Main Building

– Purchase new chairs and a small number of higher spec furniture items for weddings.

This has progressed in so much as quotes have been obtained and we are currently seeking funding. We have secured approximately 50% of this cost to date.

– Continue to improve signage where possible.

This is very much work in progress with delays originally caused by investigating ownership of the plot of land at the corner of Olivers Meadow. We continue to look at improving the main sign as you enter the carpark and the sign advertising user groups which currently requires refurbishment.

– Patio areas to side of building, courtyard, and outside changing rooms.

Patio for the courtyard has been completed with help from the Aldingbourne Social Club. Quotes have been obtained for the other areas.


– Service boilers and replace all radiator valves with thermostatically controlled (booked 01/10/12) Completed.

– Refurbish/replace Access Control system – Currently under review with fire safety assessment.


– Create a Marketing subcommittee responsible for creating brochures and newsletters, consider mail shots, and email groups.
We have a new volunteer, Mrs P Smallman, who has pulled together an events committee to put on Aldingbourne Alice 2013. This sets a good foundation for marketing the Centre and all its user groups.

– Complete Lease Agreement for Barnham Signal Box Trust (at agreed peppercorn rent, with rent from users to go to BSBT to pay for insurance and ongoing refurbishment).

– Complete Lease Agreement for Bognor Regis Model Railway Club (with the inclusion of the barn at no extra charge until the refurbishments are complete).

The Trustees are currently reviewing ALL leases with a dedicated subcommittee.

– Work with Tennis Club in their plans to extend their building.

Currently with the tennis club, this now has support of both the ACSC and the Parish Council to move forward.

– Work with Railway Club in their plans to refurbish the Barn. Done.

Top Priorities for 2013-2014

– Aldingbourne Alive 2013
– Hall Flooring Refurbishment
– Lease Agreements
– Improvements to Outside Facilities (new bins, replace dog bins, additional seating, hall cladding)
– Begin a project plan for the refurbishment of the Centre roof.
– New and updated website
– Fireproof treatment for curtains in the hall (due 01/13).
– Consider redoing the white lining of the car park and consider surface repairs.
– Work with user groups on ongoing development and refurbishment projects
o Tennis Club
o Target Shooting Club
o Bowls Club
o Barnham Trojans
o Changing Room

So a number of tasks done and a number still to do, as we strive to make this Centre one the community can be proud off and one that the community want to use.

Finally, to ensure we get off to the best of starts over the coming year we have Aldingbourne Alive 2013 to look forward to on 1 September 2013. I hope that as many of the user groups as are represented here tonight make very good use of this event and support the extremely hard work and effort put into the event by the Aldingbourne Alive 2013 team. I would like to place formally on record a very big thank you to all those that have worked on this event to date. It has I know been stressful at times, but I’m sure with the superb dedication to this event given, that it will be an event that will do us proud.

Adrian Taylor ACSC Chairman

24 July 2013

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