Affordable housing for local people – invitation to local meeting

Aldingbourne Parish Council , Notices

Clerk – Mrs JKM Brown
100 Middleton Road
Middleton on Sea
PO22 6DL
01243 58266
7 February 2018

Dear Resident,

Affordable housing for local people – invitation to local meeting

Arun’s Local Plan proposes significant housing for the District including a large scale strategic development between Westergate, Eastergate and Barnham.

Arun’s Local Plan and Aldingbourne’s Neighbourhood Development Plan propose around 30% affordable housing being built as part of any new housing development. The Parish Council believes that affordable housing i.e. housing for rent, or share equity housing (i.e. owning up to 49% of the house) should be available in the first instance for local families, or those working for local businesses, and managed locally.

To achieve this local control the Parish Council is promoting the idea of creating a Community Land Trust which would hold the housing stock on behalf of the local community and prioritise access for local people.

Community Land Trusts are charitable trusts with a local membership. The Parish Council cannot manage such a trust, so it would need to be established as a separate legal entity. The Parish Council will hold an open meeting on Tuesday 20th February in the Methodist Hall in Westergate at 7pm in order to provide more information about local housing and Community Land Trusts and find out the level of support among local people and local businesses for this idea.

The meeting is open to all residents including those in Eastergate and Barnham as it is equally applicable to the three Parishes and it is important we work together for local benefit. This is your opportunity to find out more about this important community initiative, especially if you are in need of housing locally or know someone who is.

Whilst the Parish Councils remain opposed to large scale housing development because of the lack of infrastructure and the environmental impact it is inevitable that some additional housing will come forward. Whatever housing development finally impacts on the Parish, the Parish Council intends to ensure that there are clear benefits to the local community.

Yours Sincerely

Martin Beaton
Aldingbourne Parish Council

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